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used in the treatment of cancer

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Almost 9000 plant species exist in Iranica flora out of which more than 500 species are extensively used in traditional medicine due to antimicrobial and anticancerous properties [18,16,14].
6 Packed full of folic acid and anticancerous properties, there are plenty of health reasons to eat sprouts.
Dr Nikki Jordan-Mahy, of Sheffield Hallam University's biomedical research centre, said: "Our research has shown that British rhubarb is a potential source of pharmacological agents that may be used to develop new anticancerous drugs.
Baccharis megapotamica, which is not sensitive to the toxin, slightly metabolizes the chemical, making it more phytotoxic and also, incidentally, anticancerous (Jarvis et al.
The anticancerous effects of Yun Zhi essence on human lung adenocarcinoma inoculated on nude mice.