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used in the treatment of cancer

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Triazoles fused with six membered rings have got the noteworthy magnitude in the field of agricultural medicine and industry [3-7] activities associated with it are: antifungal antibacterial anticancerous antiviral antihypoglcemic antituberculosis antidiuretic antitumor anthelmintic and anti-inflammatory [8- 16].
The tea of the leaves and the fruits of the guava tree are used in folk medicine for the treatment of glycemia, hypertension, gastrointestinal disturbances, cardiovascular diseases, and for anti-inflammator, hepatoprotective and anticancerous action (YUSOF; SAID, 2004; CHEN; YEN, 2007).
Almost 9000 plant species exist in Iranica flora out of which more than 500 species are extensively used in traditional medicine due to antimicrobial and anticancerous properties [18,16,14].
Presence of Emodin in the extracts shows that this plant can be used as anticancerous, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent because many pharmaceutical studies have demonstrated that emodin has many biological effects, such as anticancer, antimicrobial and anti- inflammatory effects [28].
scabrum could be considered to have a potential anticancerous activity and could be further studied in view of obtaining new bioactive molecules destined for the treatment of cancer.
6 Packed full of folic acid and anticancerous properties, there are plenty of health reasons to eat sprouts.
Dr Nikki Jordan-Mahy, of Sheffield Hallam University's biomedical research centre, said: "Our research has shown that British rhubarb is a potential source of pharmacological agents that may be used to develop new anticancerous drugs.
The association of rethinoids with cytokines has been utilized anticancerous therapy above all in combination with interferons.