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Synonyms for antic

conceived or done with no reference to reality or common sense

Synonyms for antic

a ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement

act as or like a clown

Related Words

ludicrously odd

References in classic literature ?
Hilbery would treat the moderns with a curious elaborate banter such as one might apply to the antics of a promising child.
There were times when I could not but think less of the boy, seeing him rock convulsed over antics of Irene that have been known to every nursemaid since the year One.
The meat was smoking hot and the knives and forks were performing strange antics and jumping here and there in quite a puzzling way.
At last calm was restored, and eventually the apes became accustomed to the strange antics of their craft, after which no more trouble was experienced with them.
As yet there was no sign of any of his followers and there was no telling how long these antics were to continue.
She was feeding the chickens, tossing to them handfuls of grain and laughing at their antics.
They spoiled the music just the same, with their antics and unrealities.
If I had, I could have wept sentimental tears to-night, and the clownish antics of that precious pair would have but enhanced the beauty of their voices and the beauty of the accompanying orchestra.
Michael looked on and listened, but took no part in such antics of enthusiasm.
One was dressed like a clown, and performed funny antics, and the others leaped over the spoons and dishes and ran around the table like race-horses, and turned hand-springs and were so sprightly and amusing that they kept the company in one roar of merry laughter.
But after she had counted ten, and the bell continued to ring, she knew that not only the royal family of Ev, but Ozma and her followers also, were being restored to their natural forms, and she was so delighted that the antics of the angry King only made her laugh merrily.
The theater was full of people, enjoying the spectacle and laughing till they cried at the antics of the two Marionettes.
He did not appear even amused at the other's antics.
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