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The EvoGenix technology can convert a research-stage antibody into a high potency therapeutic suitable for long term administration to patients.
Antibody titers to CHIKV were measured by hemagglutination-inhibition (HI) assay in all 2,000 cord serum samples.
Until this year, most evidence that antibody therapy might work came from laboratory studies in animals.
The acquisition of sensitization depends therefore on the initiation of an immune response of sufficient vigor and of the quality required to sustain IgE antibody production.
That was part of the reason I decided to stay away from polyclonal sera [such as antibody preparations made from the blood of persons whose HIV was progressing slowly].
End points for the study include safety and tolerance, rate of antibody clearance from the blood, patients' immune response to the antibody, and clinical activity.
CAT's SVP Drug Discovery, commented, "This combination of CAT's display technologies and the VelocImmune platform will provide enormous potential for creating antibody therapeutics.
Recent innovations in high throughput production of antibodies from genetic antigens will complement the company's established leadership in commercial and custom antibody production for the Research, Human/Animal Diagnostics, and Pharmaceutical industries, and position the company for broader participation in the pharmacogenomics market.
This antibody response was only poorly induced by infection, both in mice (22) and humans (24,25).
This study was the first to directly compare a humanized and a human antibody against the same target virus, and the data implies that in many cases humanized and human antibodies may be equally practical for therapeutic use, although the results of human clinical trials may differ from the results obtained in animal studies.
The pseudotype assay was used to profile neutralizing antibody responses against SARS-CoV S in sequential serum samples taken from 41 confirmed SARS patients during the 2003 outbreak in Hong Kong and shows long-lasting immunity in most recovered patients.
We have rapidly generated GlycoMAbTM versions of Roche's antibody with dramatically enhanced potency, and we are pleased that after this initial technology evaluation, Roche has decided to license GlycoMAbTM," said Pablo Umana, PhD, CSO of GLYCART.
Diamond and her team searched a library of proteins for ones that bind to a specific antibody that attaches to DNA in laboratory animals and causes autoimmune symptoms.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin human testing of a PRIMATIZED(TM) anti-CD4 antibody for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
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