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Antibodies have been highly successful as drugs, with several products reaching the market achieving multi billion dollar levels of sales.
Antibodies in cord blood are transferred from the mother and can reflect previous infection.
In the United States, the most common treatment uses portions of antibodies to neutralize the venom of several snakes native to this country.
Whereas human antibody-producing mice are used for the development of monoclonal antibodies, human antibody-producing cows will be used for the development of large quantities of polyclonal antibodies, which are expected to contribute to the development of treatments for viral or bacterial infections, autoimmune disorders, and other medical conditions.
IgG and IgA antibodies to dietary antigens in food allergy and tolerance.
1) Vaccines could be engineered to cause the body to produce antibodies already known to work.
The VelocImmune platform generates fully human monoclonal antibodies (hMAbs) to address clinically relevant targets of therapeutic interest.
By applying its core competency of creating custom antibodies to assay development, the company produces unique, sophisticated diagnostic testing and reagent systems that are responsive to customer diagnostic and information needs.
While antibodies to the immunodominant, but highly variable, regions of HA and NA can provide potent virus strain-specific protection, the existence of weaker and more broadly protective immune activities directed to less variable regions of viral proteins has long been known (5).
Herold's team ultimately treated 42 people, half of whom received monoclonal antibodies.
The transfer of marker genes to target cells depends on the function of the envelope protein; therefore, the titer of neutralizing antibodies against the envelope can be measured by a reduction in marker gene transfer.
GLYCART is developing its own GlycoMAbTM-based antibody portfolio by in-licensing and acquiring antibodies at early stages of development and applying GlycoMAbTM to them.
They determined that the antibodies that triggered arthritis target an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphate isomerase, or GPI.
In 2005, the antibodies market was valued at an estimated US$14 billion, accounting for over 24 percent of the total protein therapeutics market.
MorphoSys will use its HuCAL(R) GOLD library to generate therapeutic antibodies against multiple targets from Pfizer.
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