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discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion

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It is as if antiblack racism exists everywhere, even in those who never have acted against a person based on the color of their skin in their lives (indeed, even in those who have fought against racism in their careers).
Prior to the start of the War on Poverty, black poverty was decreasing steadily, despite the job handicaps placed in the way of blacks by biased white unions, antiblack minimum-wage and prevailing-wage schemes, and occupational licensing laws.
Both refuse to allow antiblack racism to hide--even on the surface of the seemingly inclusive term "creole.
since the 1880s it has been highjacked by a political movement, first primarily anti- British, later primarily antiblack, calling itself Afrikaner nationalism.
Al Gathafi himself laid the groundwork for antiblack prejudice in Libya when, in January 2008, his government announced plans to deport black migrants en masse.
Lewis Gordon argues in "Bad Faith and Antiblack Racism" (1995) that everyone can succumb to ethnic hatred.
Among other transformations, black southerners who left the South helped to spur the civil rights victories of the mid-1960s; white southerners who left the South helped to spur the antiblack backlash that followed.
This was reflected, too, in the upsurgence of the virulent antiblack, anti-immigrant, antisemitic and anti-Catholic views espoused by the newly ascendant Ku Klux Klan, which had a large following in Michigan during the 1920.
insists that we still live in a society plagued by systemic racism, which "includes the complex array of antiblack practices, the unjustly gained political-economic power of whites, the continuing economic and other resource inequalities along racial lines, and the emotion-laden racist framing created by whites to maintain and rationalize their privilege and power.
Tommie Shelby: And you know, "part of remedy for this self-alienation is to be found in the strategies of spreading accurate information about Black history and cultural forms; using various forms of cultural expression to resist and subvert antiblack racism; and engaging in the relentless critique of the doctrine and practice of racial domination.
For some folks, the responses to the Illinois senator's exceptional rise have underscored the continuing grip of antiblack sentiment on the organizing structures of American life.
30) The Chinese authorities often attribute anti-African incidents to "cultural misunderstanding" and deny racism as the underlining driving force, but antiblack racism is currently growing unchecked as China becomes increasingly wealthy.
Feagin, The Continuing Significance of Race: Antiblack Discrimination in Public Places, 56 AM.
scoundrel and bigot: antisemitic, antiblack, antilabor, (14) and
For a discussion of how African American ownership of luxury goods, especially the Cadillac, challenged white cultural norms, see George Lipsitz, "'Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac': Antiblack Racism and White Identity," The Possessive Investment in Whiteness (Philadelphia, 1998), 158-183.
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