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On the other hand, the first line treatment for many other intra-abdominal inflammatory processes, such as diverticulitis, comprises of antibiotic therapy in the initial phase11.
Common terms regarding antibiotic therapy are prophylaxis (prevention of infection), empiric (directed at a condition), pathogen-directed (organism identified) and susceptibility-guided (when the organism is identified and antibiotic susceptibility tests are completed).
In the study population overall, patients who had bacteriologic eradication at the end of antibiotic therapy compared with bacteriologic persistence or superinfection, were more likely to be cured 8 weeks later (80% vs.
Antibiotic therapy most often consisted of two antibiotics that were prescribed based on the sensitivity patterns of bacteria obtained from sputum cultures.
Adult patients (patients >16 years of age) admitted to intensive care with a diagnosis of suspected sepsis for whom the treating intensivist decided to initiate antibiotic therapy were considered eligible for inclusion into the study.
A total of 470 patients were identified who received hospital care for hyperglycemia within 30 days of antibiotic therapy, of which half (237 patients) were admitted to the hospital.
Oral antibiotic therapy in the adult bacterial osteomyelitis: results after two years of follow-up.
Modern antibiotic therapy and sophisticated supportive care strategies make it possible to control these problems in most cases.
People with ulcers could try two or three servings [of cruciferous vegetables] a day prior to going on antibiotic therapy," Fahey suggests.
Antibiotic therapy usually corrects reflux caused by infection.
Clinicians obtain current information on antibiotic therapy and researchers at Hopkins acquire information on antibiotic use.
GLENDALE - A Verdugo Hills Hospital Pharmacy program that tailors antibiotic therapy to the patient was selected as one of the top three Best Practices for 1999 by the Health Care Association of Southern California.
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