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Dr O'Neill concluded, "Our findings underscore the importance of revisiting unexploited antibiotics as a potential source of new antibiotic drug candidates.
The purpose of this study is to determine if a repurposed antibiotic drug can improve the outcome for dogs with large cell lymphoma receiving concurrent prednisone compared to dogs receiving prednisone alone.
IDSA's 10 x '20 initiative, an ongoing call to action launched in 2010 to develop 10 new antibiotic drugs by 2020.
Caption: An antibiotic drug candidate called teixobactin is made by the soil bacterium Eleftheria terrae (shown).
Samples of imported seafood picked up from grocery stores in New York were tested by the Institute of Environmental and Human Health at Texas Tech University for the presence of antibiotic drugs.
The difference between an antibiotic drug and an antibiotic herb is that the drug is an isolated constituent limited to the power of that one chemical, whereas the herb contains several constituents with a variety of healing properties, producing a synergistic effect.
Application of the ATC/DDD methodology to monitor antibiotic drug use.
Research carried out at Jerusalem's Shaarei Tzedek hospital among 19 children suffering from cystic fibrosis has shown that a common antibiotic drug can be effective in countering certain genetic diseases.
The Commission recommendation came after inspectors from the EU's Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) found potent antibiotic drug residues, potentially risky for health, in shrimps and prawns imported from China.
com) announces updates to their Antibiotic Drug research database.
The project, entitled "Exploitation of transport mechanisms for novel Gram-negative antibiotic drug discovery", will explore new biological targets and deliver novel drug candidates that have a reduced likelihood of eliciting resistance compared to conventional antibiotics through the use of Discuva's Selective Antibiotic Target IndentificatioN (SATIN) technology.
Previous research shows care home residents are disproportionately high users of antibiotics which puts them at significant risk of developing antibiotic drug resistance.
MANILA -- The Food and Drug Administration has ordered the recall of an antibiotic drug manufactured by an Indian company after it was found to pose "safety risk and adverse health consequences.
Overprescribing antibiotics, using a broad-spectrum therapy when a more specific drug would be better, starting and stopping medications, and giving leftover medications to a relative or friend all contribute to antibiotic drug resistance, according to Hicks.
A congressional subcommittee voted last week to subpoena former and current US Food and Drug Administration investigators to testify about fraudulent clinical data that supported approval of the antibiotic drug Ketek.