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an association between organisms that is harmful to one of them or between organisms and a metabolic product of another

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After onset of fever, an initially empirical antibiosis was started in all patients; this could, however, be modified after identification of an infectious agent.
Thus, we suggest that reduction in fruit fly infestations on resistant varieties/genotypes could be due to antixenosis (biophysical properties) and antibiosis (allelochemicals).
Control tests were conducted using pure thymol solutions of comparable concentrations to elucidate the role of the thymol component in antibiosis by thyme extracts.
When infection of pancreatic necrosis is suspected and fine-needle aspiration is performed, it is prudent to start empiric antibiosis, particularly in patients with shock and MODS.
Stockwell VO, Hohnson KB, Sugar D, Loper JE (2002) Antibiosis contributes to biological control of fire blight by Pantoea agglomerans strain Eh252 in orchards.
All patients received a standard course of therapy with oral or systemic antibiosis.
Whirlpool speaks of phitodepuration and antibiosis and nanogels to explain the process.
From there, specific protocols for antibiosis and nonpreference were used to analyze the Pioneer brand soybean varieties.
A preference test and a larval antibiosis screening technique (LAST) were performed to monitor the effects of defensive resistance in soybeans.
In terms of demand, although silver has made progress in the applications of automotive exhaust catalyst handling, conductive silver ink market, photovoltaic cells, solar energy, radio frequency identification and medical antibiosis, such electrical & electronics fields as silvers used in the electrical & electronics industry, silver-base alloys and silvers used in solders are still the uppermost silver consumption fields.
Host plant resistance is divided into 3 categories: antixenosis, antibiosis, and tolerance.
Utilization of nitrogen and Carbon present in the organic matter by microorganism promote their populations' growth which together with organic matter decomposition products such as ammonium and carbon dioxide may play a role in pathogen decline through biocontrol mechanisms such as mycoparasitism, antibiosis and competition [20, 21].
The activity of PGPR against plant pathogens has been reported to be through competition for nutrients, siderophore medicated competition for iron, or antibiosis [4], or indirectly through induce systemic resistance in plants against pathogens [25].
Antibiosis revisited: bacteriocins produced by dairy starter cultures.
The antitumor effect is independent of antibiosis (Galsky et al.