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the antiparticle of a baryon

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In Figures 3 and 4(a), we have plotted the energy dependence of singly, doubly, and triply strange antibaryon to baryon ratios.
Mattiello et al., "Antibaryon shadowing in massive Au + Au collisions at 11 AGeV," Nuclear Physics A, vol.
--if n = 3, we have qqq, aaa (triquark - for example the baryons and antibaryons);
However, the CP-violation found in kaon decays, and incorporated into the Standard Model (SM) via the quark mixing mechanism, is too weak to explain the excess of baryons over antibaryons. Therefore, cosmology provides a hint for the existence of an unknown source of I-violation, which is not included in the SM.
where distribution functions for baryons [F.sup.(+).sub.[alpha]] and antibaryons [F.sup.(-).sub.[alpha]] are given by