antiballistic missile

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a defensive missile designed to shoot down incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles


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It was a time when we were all Americans, and when Bush described Putin as "very straightforward and trustworthy." The winds began to change that December, when the US announced that it was withdrawing from the Antiballistic Missile Treaty, in order to build an antimissile defense system to protect itself from a potentially nuclearized Iran.
The current SAMP-T missile has proven its value in numerous antiballistic missile tests, the latest one in May 2013.
Other external threats were classified as the destabilization of bordering countries and regions, the deployment of foreign military forces on the territory of Russia's neighbors, and the creation and deployment of global strategic antiballistic missile systems, which refers to NATO's new missile defense system and the Prompt Global Strike Concept of the US.
Obama's setting the re-start button meant nothing to Putin, although unilaterally reneging on our promise to provide Poland and the Czech Republic with an antiballistic missile system without concomitant Russian concession did get the Russian leader's attention.
Second, instead of the long-range antiballistic missile defense system, the project would take a phased approach and start with short- to mid-range defense missiles that could be launched from land or sea.
"The exercise involves naval maneuvers, submarine detection, live-fire drills and antiballistic missile drills," an unidentified official from the country's Joint Chiefs of Staff was quoted as saying.
Hailey designed the launch sequencer for the Sprint Antiballistic Missile System for the Martin Marietta Corporation and in 1974 designed the 9080 microprocessor for AMD.
Since then, he has counseled over 3,000 startups and written over 600 patents, ranging from decorative house keys to antiballistic missile lasers.
* ISRAEL ANNOUNCED IT WILL SOON TEST its new antiballistic missile system.
Fisher highlights space warfare and the space information architecture of the PLA; its development of directed-energy weapons; antiballistic missile defenses; nuclear submarines; and new nuclear weapons.
Friday's order signified the first response Japan has taken against potential threats posed by a ballistic missile or similar objects since the country began building an antiballistic missile shield in 2003.
What is worse is that Indyk and Haass call for "[increasing] Israel's tolerance for a more drawn-out diplomatic engagement" with Iran by "President Obama [bolstering] Israel's deterrent capabilities by providing a nuclear guarantee and an enhanced antiballistic missile defense capability".
Adding to tensions, this week the US and the Czech Republic signed an accord to allow the Pentagon to deploy part of its contentious antiballistic missile shield, which Washington maintains is intended to protect in part against Iranian missiles.
Kissinger brokered the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty and Antiballistic Missile Treaty with the Soviet Union and made secret trips to China seeking a detente between the two nations and the restoration of diplomatic ties after a severance of near 25 years.