antiballistic missile

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a defensive missile designed to shoot down incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles


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Centered on the operationally mature Arrow antiballistic missile system, the multi-layered aerial shield will soon grow to include the mid-tier David's Sling, the lower-tier Iron Dome and, conceivably, Raytheon's Centurion super machine gun.
In September 2009, President Obama made a tangible demonstration of his administration's commitment to a new relationship of cooperation with Russia by scrapping plans inherited from President Bush for an antiballistic missile shield in Eastern Europe.
Fisher highlights space warfare and the space information architecture of the PLA; its development of directed-energy weapons; antiballistic missile defenses; nuclear submarines; and new nuclear weapons.
Friday's order signified the first response Japan has taken against potential threats posed by a ballistic missile or similar objects since the country began building an antiballistic missile shield in 2003.
What is worse is that Indyk and Haass call for "[increasing] Israel's tolerance for a more drawn-out diplomatic engagement" with Iran by "President Obama [bolstering] Israel's deterrent capabilities by providing a nuclear guarantee and an enhanced antiballistic missile defense capability".
Adding to tensions, this week the US and the Czech Republic signed an accord to allow the Pentagon to deploy part of its contentious antiballistic missile shield, which Washington maintains is intended to protect in part against Iranian missiles.
Kissinger brokered the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty and Antiballistic Missile Treaty with the Soviet Union and made secret trips to China seeking a detente between the two nations and the restoration of diplomatic ties after a severance of near 25 years.
In 2002, the United States withdrew from the Antiballistic Missile Treaty, which banned weapons in space.
rejected ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty of 1996 and has unilaterally withdrawn from an antiballistic missile treaty.
In January 1973, President Nixon abolished the White House Office of Science and Technology (OST) and the President's Science Advisory Committee (PSAC), when some scientists spoke out publicly against the president's plans for funding the supersonic transport and the antiballistic missile system.
Additionally, Waldron said that in 2002 the United States withdrew from the Antiballistic Missile Treaty of 1972 to develop a national missile defense system.
At the same time as the CIA announced that one of its drones had killed Salim Sinan Al Harethi from afar, the Israeli Defence Force was unveiling its latest Arrow-2 "Homa" or "Barrier" antiballistic missile system.
In June 2002, the AntiBallistic Missile Treaty was dissolved by the US, who argued the treaty would restrict testing for the proposed missile defence system.
Russia's Vladimir Putin has moved a great deal since previous talks in January, when he opposed the scuppering of the 1972 antiballistic missile treaty and the US National Missile Defence programme.