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opposed to authoritarianism

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Contextualizing this shift within the political climate of the '70s, Gifford asserts, "Black crime literature of this moment carefully negotiates the tension between a radical dismemberment of white power structures and consumable expressions of problack, antiauthoritarian violence" (114).
City districts with a high concentration of squats also saw a proliferation of Kinderladen, which at first tried to continue the work of New Left antiauthoritarian day care centers of the 1970s before gradually shifting towards a via media between progressive educational ideals and the concrete challenge of preparing children for the German school system.
The historical contextualization in each episode connects the anti-establishment and antiauthoritarian positions of American comedians in not only film, radio, and television, but also solo stand-up and even vinyl platters.
And, similarly, the conclusions of science and democracy are tentative, "vulnerable to experimental testing" as Ferris observes, and thus inherently antiauthoritarian.
Nor does the establishment want the young growing up addicted, unproductive, and antiauthoritarian in outlook.
Mormons as an antiauthoritarian threat to the government of the United
The identification of the new theater with merry greenwood refuge thus underscores its chosen political identity: a realm of countercultural freedom and flourishing satire, of antiauthoritarian populism.
From that point on the disruption became more purposeful and individual, largely confined to those whose deferment strategies were based on antiauthoritarian psychiatric traits.
Their assessment of the response to these documents is sometimes judgmental, asserting an antiauthoritarian attitude permeating religious institutes and an alienation from the Vatican.
The riots of the 1980s were antiauthoritarian in character but were clearly not race riots.
Tackling controversial subject matter on a miniscule budget, the film reflected the prevailing antiauthoritarian mood in a country bitterly divided over Vietnam.
48) The advice offered to those caught so unscrupulously contained an antiauthoritarian, mildly anticlerical edge.
So my cosmopolitan professor should make a point of learning as much as he can about the state of civil society in the countries he visits, and he should look for points of entrance for doctors, lawyers, teachers, trade unionists, coreligionists, environmental activists, aid workers--for anyone who can help people join together in the nongovernmental, antiauthoritarian social practices that underpin democratic politics.
In June, 1967, a demonstration in Berlin against the state visit of the Shah of Persia descended into chaos and extremist antiauthoritarian, anti-capitalist student group the Red Army Faction was born.
22) For Clare, popular culture, in Raymond Williams' words, "the culture actually made by people for themselves," builds community by creating a self-contained world in which antiauthoritarian and subversive social values are transmitted through the carnivalesque reversals of harvest customs and chapbook stories.