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All antiarrhythmic drugs should be avoided, if possible, within the first trimester of pregnancy.
For most patients with primary tachyarrhythmias, they can be successfully managed with appropriate antiarrhythmic therapy, overdrive pacing, direct current cardioversion, and, if necessary, timely ablation.[4] However, these therapies are not always effective.
(6,10,11,13,16) Risk factors for the occurrence of AF after ablation of AFl include female gender, treatment with antiarrhythmic drugs, and a history of AF.
At entry, about 90% of patients were on beta-blocker treatment, and a bit more than a third were taking an antiarrhythmic drug.
At this point, we decided the discontinuation of flecainide therapy while continuing the antiarrhythmic therapy with lidocaine and adding a beta blocker.
Natural drugs as well as their purified forms have efficient antiarrhythmic actions; furthermore, their effects are permanent and steady, and their toxicity and side effects are low [5, 6].
In a meta-analysis of prospective studies published through 2007, the single-procedure success rate for radiofrequency ablation in achieving sinus rhythm without the use of antiarrhythmic drugs was 57%, climbing to 71% with multiple ablation procedures.
Various therapeutic options are available to treat patients with AF, and most patients will receive some form of antithrombotic therapy, a heart rate control agent, and potentially, an antiarrhythmic drug for rhythm control.
Some, though not all, previous studies have found that fish oil has antiarrhythmic effects.
Amiodarone was temporarily stopped and it was substituted by Sotalol at a dose of 80mg BD (class II antiarrhythmic drug with also class III actions) on consultation with Cardiologist.
Although antiarrhythmic agents are still mentioned in the guidelines, treatment of the precipitating or reversible causes of AF are first recommended.
Our study aimed at to shed a light on the issue to investigate the antiarrhythmic effects of matrine by using ouabain to construct an arrhythmic model of cardiomyocytes.