antianxiety agent

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We also saw the first antianxiety agent, Miltown (meprobamate), and the antidepressants Tofranil (imipramine) and Elavil (amitriptyline).
There is no specific antidote, but judicious use of an antianxiety agent may be prudent to treat symptoms of a stimulant overdose.
The risk further increases for more people with the wider use of some of the newer second-generation antipsychotics now used as mood stabilizers, antianxiety agents, sleep aids, anti-aggression agents, and even for conditions such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
[16] If children or adolescents being treated for depression have severe anxiety or sleep problems during the first two weeks of antidepressant therapy, antianxiety agents such as lorazepam, alprazolam, and estazolam may be administered to control these symptoms for a maximum of two weeks.
Its primary disadvantages are its long and unpredictable half-life and associated risk for accumulating toxic levels leading to severe respiratory depression; its multiple interactions with other drugs, including frequently abused drugs such as antianxiety agents; and its ability to cause major disturbances of cardiac rhythm (12).
Animal behavioral models for testing antianxiety agents. Methods Find.