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From perspectives, this was relatively practiced in Addis Ababa where antianemic and vitamins were mostly prescribed followed by antibiotics and with that of antibiotics mostly prescribed in Saudi Arabia.
Which have been claimed to possess multiple pharmacological activities like antibacterial, antifungal, anti-influenza, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, antihistaminic, antiulcer, hypnotic, tranquilizing, hepatoprotective, antidiabetic, antianemic, immunobioactivities, antioxidant, antispermatogenic, etc.
The products include multivitamins Ten Ten (for children), CeCe and Prebe (for pregnant women), NSAID Dexibuprofen, Medilac probiotics for children and antianemic agent Ferromax.
All natural, unheated honey is antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, expectorant, antiallergenic, laxative, antianemic, tonic, immune stimulating, and cell regenerating.
Most countries that practice reference pricing limit it to drugs that are off patent, but Germany has recently extended this measure to several drug classes that include patent-protected medicines: proton pump inhibitors, sartans, triptans, antianemic agents, fluoroquinolones, heparins, macrolides, serotonin (5-HT3) receptor antagonists, triazole antimycotics, and-most notably-statins.