antiaircraft gun

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artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes

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The contract is for service to carry out overhaul of the 23 mm antiaircraft gun ZU-23-2 and ZUR-23-2S in the amount of 8 kpl.
For that role, a rear base of the mount would form a tripod Also, special shoulder rests were added to the DShK when used as an antiaircraft gun.
Langley's anti-aircraft guns pointed skyward as did those of her escorts, USS Whipple (DD 217) and USS Edsall (DD 219), each with a 3-inch antiaircraft gun and several machine guns.
Some of the footage being made available includes "blistering firefights across rooftops, nighttime raids filmed through the green glow of night-vision devices and a 'precision strike' that wiped out an insurgent antiaircraft gun in a huge ball of fire.
An antiaircraft gun trimmed with a Hizbullah flag stood in the center of town on Monday, a monument of sorts.
policy, posed sitting "laughing and clapping" (her words) on an antiaircraft gun, and took home the sobriquet Hanoi Jane.
My only regret about the trip was that I was photographed sitting in a North Vietnamese antiaircraft gun site.
While American soldiers and fliers were being shot at and killed, she sat on an antiaircraft gun near Hanoi wearing a helmet, watching the sky for the next American aircraft.
That almost happened three days later, when we were nearly cut off by a pickup equipped with an antiaircraft gun and carrying a gang rumored to have recently killed a money changer with $30,000 in his safe.
Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger had cancelled the expensive and under-performing DIVAD automated antiaircraft gun, the first cancellation of a major weapon ready for production in the postwar era; the Army had torn up its field operations manual, replacing it with one based on the theories of maneuver warfare favored by reformers; a prominent reformer, Chuck Spinney, had been on the cover of Time magazine; and the entire old-line Pentagon establishment was in retreat before, at most, a few dozen poorly organized critics.
Additional roads were built to training areas and interior antiaircraft gun positions.
With only their trusty mortars and antiaircraft gun in hand, players' skill levels are greatly challenged.
A finding in tune with Syria's account and at odds with Turkey, said the WSJ, while quoting Ankara as saying that the jet was hit too far from Syrian territory to have been engaged by an antiaircraft gun.
He swam to a whaleboat and climbed on board Nevada (BB 36), helping man a five-inch antiaircraft gun.