antiaircraft fire

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firing at enemy aircraft

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This violent action convinced observers and the board evaluating victories that Swede had peeled away to avoid the antiaircraft fire from cruisers, destroyers, and South Dakota.
Learning firsthand about combat conditions, he developed a highly efficient technique for bombing when aircraft faced opposition by enemy fighter planes and antiaircraft fire.
As the first troops hit the beach on 8 November 1942, the carriers launched strikes against targets and met some resistance, mainly light antiaircraft fire from shore-based batteries.
This included safely bringing back a Phantom that was so badly damaged from antiaircraft fire that it had to be craned off the ship in San Diego.
According to a detailed briefing on the week-old ground operation by researchers at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), despite repeated claims from the Pakistan Army that it is going to crush the extremists once for all, the insurgents have retaken one large town, targeted military vehicles with roadside bombs and held off the army's attack helicopters with antiaircraft fire.
By Ann Scott Tyson PakistanAAEs offensive in the Taliban stronghold of South Waziristan has met with significant resistance from insurgents, who have retaken one large town, targeted military vehicles with roadside bombs and held off the armyAAEs attack helicopters with antiaircraft fire, US military analysts said Friday.
Often, antiaircraft fire came dangerously close to--or actually hit--planes in which the women were towing targets, resulting in one fatality.
It was a dangerous job dodging enemy fighters and antiaircraft fire, but we were proud to fly with Bomber Command.
Sailors fight under the eye of senior commanders, unlike the front-wave infantry platoon that can choose not to advance or the bomber pilot who jettisons the payload in the face of heavy antiaircraft fire.
In another, defensive flares from an Israeli F-16, used to foil antiaircraft fire, were cloned and made to look like missiles raining down on Lebanon.
As the craft approached a landing zone, it was hit by enemy antiaircraft fire and crashed.
Vietnamese Air Force pilots are depicted as undependable and reluctant fliers, while US airmen bravely defy the nine battalions of North Vietnamese antiaircraft fire that eventually surrounded An Loc.
helicopter made an emergency landing after coming under antiaircraft fire, injuring three crew members.