anti-war movement

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a campaign against entering or continuing a war

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The film ultimately defines the anti-war movement (which included Vietnam vets and active duty soldiers) by its excesses and cruelty to veterans.
In this view, the anti-war movement and the crippling Watergate scandal doomed our efforts in Vietnam.
This emphasis on the link between foreign and domestic policy also helps activists to deepen the relationship between the anti-war movement and more localized struggles against spending cuts, privatization, deregulation, increased policing and surveillance, the repression of civil liberties, attacks on immigrants and refugees, and racial profiling.
The conference will open with an introductory presentation on war, society and Wales, before moving on to the impact of the First World War, including a new analysis of conscientious objection in Wales and the response of the state to the growth of the Welsh anti-war movement.
First, Wu showcases the diversity within the anti-war movement, counter to its historiography, in which white male activism predominates.
On the surface it's a love story but in its belly it's about the anti-war movement," explains dance lecturer Jacqueline Jones.
Truman saw none such activity during Korea, and the anti-war movement remained largely the province of campus activists during most of the Johnson Administration, although it did turn the public tide against LBJ and figured in his decision not to run for reelection.
From the anti-war movement and "All in the Family" to the women's movement and Woodstock, the alphabetical entries cover key figures, trends, and events in politics, activism, music, entertainment, pop culture, literature, religion, sports, and lifestyles.
WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange has praised US Army specialist Bradley Manning for "galvanising" the anti-war movement.
The Irish Anti-War Movement has also announced plans to hold a protest when Blair attends a booksigning of his autobigraphy in Eason's, O'Connell St, Dublin, on September 4.
However, other dangers remain which make it imperative that the anti-war movement mobilises consistently against all the wars and threats of more war initiated by George Bush.
According to an abstract of the book, a Lacan-inspired reading of Hegel leads Burak to conclude that the current anti-war movement must avoid repeating the same phantasmic structure as the war it deplores.
Lindsey German, convener of the Stop The War Coalition, said the group had been told time and again by police in recent days that they could not go ahead with the march, and she claimed the authorities and MPs had underestimated the determination of the anti-war movement.
His remonstration was representative of the anti-war movement all over the UK and was a lucid message of condemnation to the foreign policies of Bush and Blair regarding at first Afghanistan, then later Iraq.