anti-war movement

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a campaign against entering or continuing a war

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Wu uses Browne's story to demonstrate African American involvement in the early anti-war movement, since he opposed U.
Every year since the invasion of Iraq, the March 19 anniversary has been marked by national protests, in what has become a ritual for the anti-war movement.
But as the toll hovers just 140 short of that grim marker -- in what has been the deadliest year for American soldiers in Iraq since the 2003 invasion -- Sheehan's departure from the peace movement is raising questions about the strength of today's anti-war movement.
While the change in tenor on Iraq was a great success for the anti-war movement, the supplemental debate caused a serious dilemma within the movement.
The actress, once derided as "Hanoi Jane" by conservatives for her stance on Vietnam, said she had kept a low profile over Iraq because it would have distracted attention from the anti-war movement.
EVERY time the anti-war movement speaks up we get jumped on by military top brass and senior politicians.
Though not a powerful vice president, Agnew was the Nixon administration's point man for attacks on the anti-war movement and congressional liberals.
In the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq, Leslie Cagan was instrumental in organizing the coalition of progressive groups known as United for Peace and Justice, which has since been at the forefront of the anti-war movement.
As revealed in Wales on Sunday last month, the man who has become the face of the anti-war movement after son Thomas was murdered at an Iraqi police station, is planning to field candidates at the next general election.
When he is offered the job of guarding Crystal Jones, a woman who was a one-time radical whose activist husband nicknamed Lucifer in the anti-war movement and who had suddenly disappeared after that infamous day at Kent State.
I was really involved in the anti-war movement, and I got really burned out" says Wilson, who has the relentless energy of a born overachiever.
As a sociology student in the late 1960s, he was very much interested in the politics of the time and the anti-war movement.
The survey found that Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq, has become the most visible symbol of the anti-war movement.
So wake up Mr Curtis, join the anti-war movement and demand we get our troops home.