anti-virus program

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a computer program that checks a computer for viruses and prevents their spread

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Fourth, add the free anti-spyware program from to be sure you haven't already been hacked; it catches some things many anti-virus programs don't.
Make sure your computer has both anti-spyware protection and an anti-virus program. Keep both programs updated.
To avoid conflicts, you should use only one anti-virus program at a time.
* Make sure your computer has both anti-spy ware protection and anti-virus program. Keep both programs updated.
It is loaded with five U3-compatible software applications: Skype; the anti-virus program Avast; SanDisk's own CruzerSync for synchronizing files between a PC and the drive; the password manager SignupShield; and HP PhotoSmart Essentials photo editor.
* Use an anti-virus program, firewall program, and anti-spyware program, and keep them current by regularly installing updates.
Known as worms, they were an inconvenience but were fairly simple to eradicate with a clean sweep from an updated anti-virus program and a lecture to employees lout never opening e-mail and/or downloading attachments from unknown sources.
Only a multi-functional anti-virus program, which works with the operating system at the very lowest levels and moilitors all system functions, is able to detect rootkits in an infected system.
* Catches viruses that single anti-virus program might have missed, resulting in better performance, less latency and higher security.
The fight against viruses is somewhat easier and more straightforward when you have an anti-virus program installed on computers as well as on network servers.
Reader response to last issue's article, "'Deadbolt' your computer and 'Don't talk to strangers,' anti-virus expert advises," included the following questions which we forwarded to Anson Lee, program manager at Symantec Corporation, parent company of the popular Norton Anti-Virus program.
Desktop and network security software vendor Symantec Corp has unveiled its first anti-virus program for handheld personal digital assistants running the Palm Pilot or Microsoft Pocket PC-based operating system.
Your first line of defense is a current anti-virus program. There are two main brands, Norton and McAffee, and both are very good.
It spreads by e-mailing itself to everyone in your address book and may also try to shut down your anti-virus program. Computer users are being advised to delete any suspect e-mails they receive, as well as updating their anti-virus software.
IF YOU prefer not to use an anti-virus program because you don't download software and don't feel that you need real-time virus checking, you can simply visit Trend Micro's free online virus scanner.