anti-dumping duty

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a tariff imposed to prevent dumping

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If established that dumping has caused material injury to domestic players, the directorate would recommend imposition of anti-dumping duty on the imports.
This law provides a frame work for investigation and determination of dumping and consequential injury as well as imposition of anti-dumping duty to offset dumping" (National Tariff Commission, 2006).
Presently, NTC has imposed anti-dumping duty on the import of PSF (H.
A statement issued by the Ministry said that during May this year, South Africa imposed various rates of PD on Pakistani cement exports ranging from 15 percent to 68 percent plus anti-dumping duty on the import of Pakistani cement.
BYGGmax Group AB (STO:BMAX) announced on Thursday that the Administrative Court has removed the Swedish Customs' decision of 26 March 2012 with respect to the imposition of duty, anti-dumping duty.
He said that based on the Commission's decision, the DA through the Bureau of Customs imposed the anti-dumping duty against imported Turkish flour for a five year period.
China began investigating the import of stainless steel seamless tubes shortly after the EU imposed a provisional anti-dumping duty on its imports of certain seamless pipes and stainless steel tubes from China in 2011, the European Commission wrote.
The EU Council adopted, on 19 February, a regulation re-imposing a definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of mandarins (including tangerines and satsumas), wilkings and other similar citrus hybrids not containing added spirit, whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter, originating in China.
Analysts feel that the anti-dumping duty, which is meant to protect the local industry from unfair competition, is being misused by bigger industrialists to gain monopoly over the trade.
5 percent anti-dumping duty imposed on polypropylene imported from Saudi suppliers, including Saudi Basic Industries Corp.
China welcomed as a vindication the panel's rebuke of the way Europe effectively applies a single anti-dumping duty to a country rather than to individual firms if it doesn't consider that country to be a market economy - unless the firms can prove that they are independent of the state.
Meanwhile, senior officials of Saudi Arabia and India will resume next month their bilateral crisis talks aimed at resolving the outstanding problems after the latter's imposition of the anti-dumping duty.
The anti-dumping duty will be applied for five years and the level of the duty will depend on the motor's horsepower, the ministry said in a statement.
THE EUROPEAN Union (EU) is expected to restore an anti-dumping duty on USA exports of ethanolamines, a key pharmaceutical ingredient.
The Council of the European Union has now issued two regulations to impose a definitive anti-dumping duty on U.