anti-drug law

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a law forbidding the sale or use of narcotic drugs

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Asked why the country has passed a new anti-drug law, Zebhi noted the soft points in the old law, and said law major drug-traffickers, drug lords and main element and suppliers of narcotics could previously escape punishment while low-level drug dealers and distributors faced punishment.
The government also agreed to re- examine the anti-drug law and the process of privatization of state businesses.
The survey stated that 5,826 foreigners were arrested during the period for 14,963 suspected violations of the Criminal Code and laws such as the immigration and refugees law and the anti-drug law.
The team's expulsion was announced by Leblanc, after a day of drama culminating in the charging under France's anti-drug law of Festina's suspended team director Bruno Roussel and team doctor Eric Rickaert.
In her view, anti-drug law - like criminal law generally - acts as "an instrument for the protection and advancement of powerful interests" by helping to "contain the social consequences of structural instability" in capitalist societies (p.
The Anti-Drug Abuse Act calls for a decision to be made by September 1989 as to which anti-drug law is to be implemented and put into action by Congress.
We are trying to make a point early on that we have the moral ascendancy to lead as prime implementers of the anti-drug law and that we are drug-free," PDEA Director General Aaron N.
The CHR said it supports amendments of the Philippines' anti-drug law as well as proposals to decriminalize drug abuse by making it a health issue that needs to be appropriately addressed.
In 2015, 107 individuals were arrested under the new Anti-Drug Law and there are seven standing indictments, but none of these seven have been prosecuted.
Through the text hotline, the citizenry will be encouraged to work hand in hand with PDEA in enforcing the anti-drug law by passing timely and reliable information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Lapea added.
Pop group vocalist Nakamura indicted in violation of anti-drug law
In 2006, Bahrain ratified an anti-drug law that stipulates stiff penalties for violators.
As a barangay official, Angcap will also be held liable for for an aggravating offense under Section 28 - Criminal Liability of Government Officials and Employees - of the anti-drug law.
Luna also reported that in the past year, Candijay Police implemented 38 buy-bust operations and hailed suspects to court with violations of anti-drug law, specifically section 5.
With this new set-up, we assure the public faster response time in the enforcement of the anti-drug law, particularly in investigating drug offenses and filing of drug cases in the courts, Cacdac said.