anti-drug law

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a law forbidding the sale or use of narcotic drugs

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DDB claims that the increase of admissions may be attributed to the parents or guardians becoming more supportive of dependents with substance use disorders seeking treatment, as well as improved rehabilitation programs, greater awareness of the people on anti-drug laws, and increased local anti-drug campaigns.
Asked why the country has passed a new anti-drug law, Zebhi noted the soft points in the old law, and said law major drug-traffickers, drug lords and main element and suppliers of narcotics could previously escape punishment while low-level drug dealers and distributors faced punishment.
However, because much of the public has been convinced that drug abuse is the primary cause of most other social problems, there has been widespread support for enactment of tough new anti-drug laws.
Ecuador passed an anti-drug law in 1990 (Law 108) that prescribes prosecution of any government official who deliberately impedes prosecution of anyone charged under that law.
Pop group vocalist Nakamura indicted in violation of anti-drug law
In 2006, Bahrain ratified an anti-drug law that stipulates stiff penalties for violators.
The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), the lead anti-drug law enforcement agency, had to request support from other law enforcement and military drug units to carry out missions.
A bill reforming the anti-drug law (Law 108), in the preparation stage within the Ministry of Justice, would replace CONSEP by a Secretariat with the same and perhaps enhanced functions.
During the five years since the Anti-Drug Law took effect in June 2001, the country's law enforcement forces have investigated 64,660 cases involving 102,660 traffickers, representing 34 and 18 percent increases, respectively, compared with the preceding five-year period.
Paul knew they both faced a lengthy prison sentence under Thailand's tough anti-drug laws.
Paul knew that, if caught, they would both faced a lengthy prison sentence under Thailand's tough anti-drug laws - so he took drastic action.
Drug traffickers not only break anti-drug laws but also laws governing financial institutions.
The event focuses on penal law, economic crimes, anti-drug laws, forensic evidence, customs affairs and the Public Prosecution.
They include Colombia and Guatemala, where leaders have advocated a rethinking of anti-drug laws.