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the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people


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Councillor Deakin, who represents Coleshill North in North Wawrickshire, said: "He told me I was risking the whole of North Warwickshire's election results in the locals by talking about anti-Semitism and Corbyn.
Anti-Semitism is the oldest hatred and it is also a reality of the lives of British Jews today.
He said: "Only sunlight can disinfect Labour of anti-Semitism now."
"It happened because, in the 19th century -- in the heart of emancipated Europe -- anti-Semitism, once dismissed as a primitive prejudice of the Middle Ages, was reborn," Sacks continued.
He said: "Aberdeen City Council is proud of its efforts to tackle discrimination in all its forms, we celebrate our diverse community and we condemn racism and anti-Semitism wherever it is found.
Last week the Senate came together and in one voice condemned anti-Semitism as a unique prejudice with a unique history, which has resulted in unique horrors throughout history.
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As a young man in Lebanon, I saw firsthand how Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood recruited impressionable youth like myself by trafficking in vile anti-Semitism. Now living in the Greater Chicago area, I see the same behavior taking place as leaders of Islamist organizations and radical mosques that have preached, and some are still preaching, anti-Semitism.
It is also alleged that, in 2017, Coun Edwards shared an article from the Jewish Voice for Labour group which defended Derby MP Chris Williamson, who has was criticised for saying there were 'lies and dirty tricks' around the 'anti-Semitism smears.'.
A motion noting the "crisis of anti-Semitism" within the party since Mr Corbyn's election as leader was passed "almost unanimously" at the meeting.
Mr Gething wrote on Twitter: "Being implacably opposed to anti-Semitism is incompatible with offering solidarity to Chris Williamson - he has repeated form on anti-Semitism and is part of the problem."
In a statement released on Monday the WLG said: "We accept that the party needed to investigate the issues that gave rise to the complaint against him, but we believe that the suspension and withdrawal of the whip was unfair and unnecessary" Mr Williamson was filmed telling a meeting of the grassroots Momentum group that Labour's reaction to anti-Semitism allegations had been "too apologetic" and had led to the party being "demonised".
ONE of the resigning Labour MPs accused her party of 'systemic anti-Semitism'.
Countdown star Rachel Riley has said she is to be given extra security on the programme after receiving abuse online over her comments about anti-Semitism. The TV presenter and maths expert said she had been targeted by Labour supporters on Twitter after criticising the party and leader Jeremy Corbyn amid the ongoing row.
on Friday said the Philippines 'stands with Israel and US in fighting anti-Semitism' as he extended the nation's condolences to victims of the synagogue bombing in Pittsburgh, United States (US).