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a religious orientation opposed to Catholicism

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Lynn Dumenil, "The Tribal Twenties Assimilated' Catholics' Response to Anti-Catholicism," Journal of American Ethnic History 11 (Fall 1991): 21-49.
In chapter 1, "The Intolerable Alien: Catholics as 'Other' in the South," Moore describes anti-Catholicism as a source of unification helping Protestants transcend denominational and regional differences.
Americans United noted that Colson may be feeling a little defensive about this issue for a reason: While litigating against tax funding of Colson's Inner-Change Freedom Initiative at an Iowa prison, AU attorneys uncovered evidence that the program is rife with anti-Catholicism. This material was entered into the court record.
Many have also expressed concern over the health of the church in the US, where attempts to silence criticism of the hierarchy include regular accusations of "anti-Catholicism" from some bishops and conservative Catholics.
Danner emphasizes, though he does not explain, the exiles' obsessive anti-Catholicism that saw all things once used by the Papal idolaters as forever profaned and unholy.
Also, anti-Catholicism, evangelical Protestantism, and imperialism were so linked and central to British identity that the decline of all three "has helped erode the links between religion and national identity" in contemporary Britain.
The Revels were also used during Edward VI's reign to demonstrate support for Protestantism and anti-Catholicism, but were largely reduced under Mary, and the organization was broken up entirely in the early years of Elizabeth's reign.
This progressive thrust was entwined with and drew meaning and energy from a white Protestant frame of reference rooted in racism, anti-Catholicism, and anti-Semitism.
In a nation with a long history of nativist anti-Catholicism, it wasn't surprising that blue-collar ethnics would shortly thereafter boo Sinead O'Connor off the stage at a Bob Dylan tribute.
This came despite a long history of anti-Catholicism, framed by Germany's Kulturkampf and French anti-clerical legislation.
Typically, Sun columnist Michael Coren hit the nail on the head when he noted: "This has never been about liberty or literature, but always about anti-Catholicism and the chattering classes imposing their manners and values on others" (Sun, Dec.
Ideological representations of Catholicism are central to Marotti's analysis because, as he states at the outset, "English nationalism rests on a foundation of anti-Catholicism" (9).
The cardinal hit out: "It is not, poverty, alcohol or football which underpins most cases of religiously aggravated crime in Scotland, but blatant anti-Catholicism.