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a religious orientation opposed to Catholicism

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As the case of Populist-turned-anti-Catholic crusader Tom Watson suggests, these editors linked anti-Catholicism to larger progressive reform efforts (although in a way that reflected the not-so-progressive aspects of progressivism).
Anti-Catholicism was already present in colonial New York.
Even the liberals who took Newman's autobiography as an opportunity to react against British anti-Catholicism struggled with their own attitudes toward Newman's decision.
Historian John Higham described anti-Catholicism as "the most powerful of .
While anti-Catholic novels might share certain tropes and character types, "anti-Catholic discourse can be used to a variety of ideological ends," and there is no "single overarching narrative" of anti-Catholicism with a standard "function and meaning" (17, 20).
The American Church's emphasis on respecting authority, rooted in tradition and fostered by fears of anti-Catholicism, left it with little patience for those who challenged its own carefully constructed program of Americanism.
Despite recent interest in the Protestant foundations of Britishness, anti-Catholicism is still largely uncharted territory.
He argues that anti-Catholicism was a complicated phenomenon that served a number of social, political, and theological purposes for particular groups and localities.
Kevin Anderson, "Dispelling the Medieval Darkness: Anti-Catholicism in Canada, 1910-1929"
Glasgow Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, 61, has responded by saying that the Scottish government refuses to face up to the brutal nature of anti-Catholicism in Scotland: "The pop culture is inventing all kinds of new reasons to marginalize and hate Catholics" (protectthepope.
Peter Kearney claimed that the controversy over a sick internet jibe sent by Hugh Dallas, the SFA head of referee development, may "simply be the tip of a disturbing iceberg of anti-Catholicism in Scottish society".
Donohue has called for protests, saying anti-Catholicism is at play.
But Bill Donohue lives in another America--one where anti-Catholicism is alive and well and spreading like wildfire.
Those who point to real or imagined incidents of anti-Catholicism today, however, would do well to read Justin Nordstrom's Danger on the Doorstep.
The "no government aid to religion" principle they laid down predated the anti-Catholicism that was certainly a factor in 19th-century American politics.