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Antonyms for anti-American

a person who is opposed to the United States and its policies

opposed to the United States and its policies


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Anti-Americanism is not just an opportunity to vent.
Anti-Americanism and anti-Sovietism were not an issue until the Cold War began.
Anti-Americanism in op-ed pages of the selected newspapers was compared to determine the effect of ONS on anti-Americanism in the mainstream Urdu and English press of Pakistan.
Students, writers, intellectuals, artists and professionals in Iran "no longer support 'Death to America' and anti-Americanism euphoria," which they did perhaps up until 15 years ago, Zibakalam said.
In absolute terms, however, the problem of anti-Americanism remains most clear cut in Muslim-majority countries.
If the European interest in exploring anti-Americanism has been pervasive in Great Britain, Germany and France, the absorption of the subject in Romania seems comparatively feeble, modest or, at best, circumstantial.
Another source of anti-Americanism is strong US support for Israel no matter what the latter does.
The collation again the war might moan about Nato but their opposition is very tainted with anti-Americanism.
He finds troubling the tendency among policymakers to conflate foreign criticism of unpopular American policies, such as George Bush's decision to invade Iraq, with anti-Americanism.
This decision by the Commons must not be taken as an act of anti-Americanism.
Even before the so-called Arab Spring, anti-Americanism was rife not only in Arab countries but also in the wider Muslim world.
A Case Study of Anti-Americanism in Saudi Arabia, by Michael Schmid, Anchor Academic Publishing, 120 pages, EeAu51.
These events suggest that despite Obama's arrival in the White House and all the efforts that his administration has deployed, anti-Americanism in the Islamic world has not abated.
diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt, plenty of commentators lamented what they saw as intractible anti-Americanism in the Middle East -- even in Libya, where the United States had helped to overthrow a hated dictator.
Pundits all over the world are scrambling to explain the recent wave of anti-Americanism that has swept most of the Arab and Muslim worlds in reaction to an anti-Islam video, allegedly produced by a bigoted Coptic Christian living in the United States.