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Antonyms for anti-American

a person who is opposed to the United States and its policies

opposed to the United States and its policies


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More important than concealing whatever interest he had in Marxism-Leninism was Fidel's strategic decision to conceal his anti-Americanism after Batista's 1952 coup opened up the Cuban political arena to the kind of "direct action" he preferred to democratic politicking.
During the highly prestigious two-day conference, presidents and former presidents, government ministers and leading CEOs also addressed concerns about the political crisis in Venezuela, Mexico's presidential elections in 2006 and trade competition with China, rising anti-Americanism in the region, U.
One source close to Europe Minister Denis MacShane said: "There's a real sense that the extreme French anti-Americanism is leaving Chirac more and more isolated in Europe.
The existing forces are not necessary to defend the South, will become nuclear hostages if the North develops a usable arsenal, deter Seoul from strengthening its own defense, encourage anti-Americanism in South Korea, and fuel the North's dangerous paranoia.
is to demonstrate how European anti-Americanism is largely the creation and obsession of the (mostly Marxist or post-Marxist) chattering classes.
As an American speaker at the Kirchentag, I found no anti-Americanism but I found everywhere profound puzzlement and strong criticism of the policies of the Bush administration.
Anti-Americanism around the world takes two distinct forms: hatred of the United States in the form of international terrorism, and growing resentment of U.
Anti-Americanism, in both its patently murderous and fatuously sophisticated forms, is a growth industry.
All of this has had serious effects on the United States' relations with traditional allies, but it has also greatly exacerbated anti-Americanism in places like the Middle East and Southwest Asia.
Mr Ancram also pledged to fight anti-Americanism within the EU, warning that denigrating the US is ``both dangerous and wrong''.
It worries most of the 12,000 USA expatriates in Switzerland and in countries where more virulent anti-Americanism has surfaced.
Department of State, will outline for participants the business and economic impacts of anti-Americanism as well as detail related visa and public policy concerns and how business travelers, as well as the travel and tourism industry, can actively engage in private sector led public diplomacy activities.
However, even those were borrowed from US citizens who have made commerce of anti-Americanism.
Islamabad, May 27(ANI): US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has told Pakistan, where anti-US sentiments run deep, that it must understand that anti-Americanism will not make the country's problems disappear.
Finally, the fourth volume contains 15 selections pertaining to anti-Americanism in specific countries and regions--Argentina, Canada, Russia, Europe, Asia, the Middle East,.