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any of various tropical American plants cultivated for their showy foliage and flowers

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Commercially, micropropagation of anthurium occurs by indirect organogenesis; however, this approach is prone to somaclonal variation (PINHEIRO et al., 2009).
The new anthurium variety was recently bred by a government-run agricultural research institute.
It boasts of a flower farm teeming with chrysanthemum, anthurium, gerbera and hydrangea, which find their way in luxury hotels and event venues under the Rosabella brand.
8C) Gonzalezya Gonzalezya marinae Retana-Salazar unica especie endemica de Costa Rica asociada a Anthurium (RetanaSalazar, 2007).
simple barrage of bougainvillea or anthurium blooms.
Her arrangements of anthurium and calla lilies in metallic vases are like having a piece of the cosmos on your kitchen table.
caerulae males attracted to aromatic substances under natural conditions (as is characteristic of Euglossini bees) were first observed recently in inflorescences of Anthurium rubrinervium (Link) G.
Innovations, such as the use of light emitting diodes (LEDs) instead of white fluorescent lamps, have given satisfactory results for a variety of plants cultivated in vitro like cotton, anthurium, rapeseed and banana (Budiarto, 2010; Li, Xu, & Tang, 2010; Li, Tang, & Xu, 2013; Vieira et al., 2015).
La mayoria de bejucos grandes pertenecen al genero Anthurium, cuyas plantas se encontraron adheridas a los troncos de arboles.
As highlighted by Anthurium, 78, there is in the human being an 'emptiness' which, for him, can only be filled by God.
RED ANTHURIUM. The Anthurium or flamingo flower is a another long lasting and less maintained plant inside the home.
"We have Lilies, Leichtlins' Lily, Chrysanthemum, Anthurium and many more.