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a system of beliefs and practices based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner

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It is worth noting that the von Jeetzes, Joachim and Dorothea, were both anthroposophists.
My name must have reminded him of his close friend Leo Baker (1898-1986), Oxford contemporary and fellow Anthroposophist.
Second, he is a fellow Anthroposophist, who can thus shine light on the dominant influence on Barfield's life and thought, the massive impact of Rudolf Steiner, in ways impossible for any biographer who approached Barfield from an outsider's perspective--it is as if Lewis for the first time were to be written about by someone who took his Christianity seriously.
In a work dealing with the relationship between the occult and German literature, we might expect at least a reference to Christian Morgenstern, who was not only a significant poet but also an anthroposophist.
Ullmann's opera was based on a play by the anthroposophist poet Albert Steffen about the struggle of technocracy (the Technician), demagogy (The Priest) and free creative life (the Artist) with despotic desire for power (the Regent).
My late mother-in-law was an anthroposophist and taught in Waldorf schools.
As astute contemporaries understood, this story was proposterous; its chief twentieth century proponents have come from the followers of the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner, who, among his many odd notions, believed that Hauser was a modem-day Christ figure.