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a system of beliefs and practices based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner

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He was the originator of anthroposophy, Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, and anthroposophical medicine.
Pain and disease according to integral anthroposophical dentistry.
In fact, Beuys in his Hare nature was less a shaman than an ordinary Anthroposophical man; that is, his inquiries were seldom in extremity as the shaman's are, but rather in the direction of more common and communal work: producing warmth, planting trees, talking with animals, sweeping up, farming, teaching.
The topics include the idea of the temple in Mormon history; Theosophical concepts in literature, visual media, and popular culture; the Anthroposophical movement and the Waldorf educational system; Gurdjieff's sacred dances and movements; bardic chairs and the emergent performance practices of paganism; reggae as cultural expressions of Rastafarian theology; the intricate relation between the metal band Therion and the magic order Dragon Rouge; localization and universal form in the Baha'i house of worship; and visualizing lost temple and mapping a straightening world in Solomon Islands as two cultural products of the Deep Sea Canoe movement.
Journal of Anthrop Med, 1992, 9, 2,1-14; with permission: Phycicians' Association for Anthroposophical Medicine)
In his view of the artist, the founder of The Anthroposophical Society was guided by ideas of fate, and of Platonic and Occult notions leading to a vision of the artist as a medium between this and a more spiritual reality.
Finally, editor Hammer concludes with a survey of modern Jesus legends, looking at recent twists on the Jesus-in-India story, John Allegro's linguistics-based argument that "Christ" was really a code name for a psychedelic mushroom, Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophical Jesus, and even Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code.
Effects of an Anthroposophical Remedy on Cardiorespiratory Regulation.
Her visit is sponsored by the Anthroposophical Society of America.
Weleda implemented several human resource incentives intended to create and foster an anthroposophical and at the same time a demographically oriented organizational culture.
For German viewers, these anthroposophical associations bring to mind the questionable ideal of the spiritual person espoused by the movement's founder, Rudolf Steiner, who, as an ardent reader of Nietzsche, tended to overestimate the powers of the individual.
Early in his study, Barfield was introduced to Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophical writings by Daphne Oliver, a singer and fiddler Barfield met in Cornwall.
The Rudolf Steiner-designed Goetheanum in Dornach, near Basel, houses the Anthroposophical Society and the seat of the School of Spiritual Science.
Here Belkin examines, first, the early reception of Solov'ev in Germany by graduate students and anthroposophists, carefully tracing the backdrop to the 1922 anthroposophical edition of Vladimir Solov'ev's works.
In the second group, Barfield's "The Child and the Giant" [1930] is an Anthroposophical fairy-tale, an enigmatic little story with an underlying message about self-realization.