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a person who eats human flesh

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But throughout the centuries the qualities of a good mother vanished partially, so that nowadays Mama-Pudurii is perceived as a malefic representation of an anthropophagus creature.
Chemical composition and larvicidal effects of essential oil of Blumea martiniana against Anopheles anthropophagus. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, 4: 371-374.
anthropophagus, and none that is complete, so it's impossible to determine its precise relationship to modern Nile crocodiles or when the man-eaters went extinct.
Who won a best actor Oscar for his portrayal of an anthropophagus? 6.
According to Frank Lestringant: In a fundamental way, the "humble" propopsal is no stranger to the traditional prejudices targeted at the "savage" Irish, anthropophagus in intention and in deeds, formerly and presently, or rather potentially, cannibals, probable descendants, as it was once thought, of the ancient Scythes and "Scoti," who drank with equal eagerness the blood of their horses and their enemies.