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a person who eats human flesh

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Andrade, therefore, is re-centering the core versus periphery colonial relationship, which posited the values of the European culture as universal truths, and regarded the primitive beliefs and social practices as substandard: "From the equation me as part of the Cosmos--to the axiom-the Cosmos as part of me" (Anthropophagite Manifesto 97).
As outlined in his Manifesto Antropofago, his Antropofagia proposes the reversal of the traditional order, "the permanent transformation of taboo into totem" (Anthropophagite Manifesto 97).
(5) I use the English translation of Andrade's "Anthropophagite Manifesto" from Dawn Ades (312-13).
Tarsila do Amaral (1886-1973), known simply as Tarsila, was a central figure of Brazilian modernism; her husband, Oswald de Andrade, authored the famous 1928 Anthropophagite Manifesto.
The anthropophagites on "The Walking Dead'' on Sunday didn't discriminate between Daryl the redneck and Rick, a sheriff's deputy.