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Synonyms for anthropomorphous

resembling a human being

Synonyms for anthropomorphous

suggesting human characteristics for animals or inanimate things

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Expressly connected with its spiritual character, the use of Hebu wood is in fact prescribed for sacrificial posts (peo), the 'hearth post' (posa lapu) of a cult house (sa'o waja, the ritually most important building of a clan or clan segment), and for anthropomorphous wooden statuary (ana deo), since all of these items embody, in a controlled form, the otherwise malevolent spirit of the tree (Forth 1998:115-20).
Nor shall I have occasion to do more than to allude to the amount of difference between man and the anthropomorphous apes; for Prof.
is really but a poor, anthropomorphous animal, is day by day becoming plainer and more manifest" (1981, 58).
The Fallen Angel turns into maidservant Marta (Elena Grineva), then into the court jester, and eventually into an anthropomorphous homunculus.