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ascribe human features to something

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This feature also contributed to the anthropomorphizing of the forms and further evoked Christian iconography: Before being cast, woven material was inserted into the animals' necks, and this protruded in a way that recalls the seductive folds of drapery that adorn canonical Pieta statues.
Unabashed to speak for God--"This is the way that God sees life,"/it said, "from seedly-braird to snedder,"/as the handle turned/and turnip-heads were let fall and fed// to the juiced-up inner blades" (3)--the snedder repels us from matey anthropomorphizing as we turn the page to other implements.
White was big on keeping the animals behaving like animals and not anthropomorphizing them into a barnyard of Disney creations, and director Gary Winick honors that notion, maintaining Charlotte the spider's balance of warmth and weirdness.
This calls for some anthropomorphizing on his part, but his examples of birds that have "played along" with him and imitated and then incorporated his flute's notes into their songs seem to make a case for his theory.
Have you ever been cautioned against anthropomorphizing the behavior of your pets?
But despite all the anthropomorphizing going on around me, I could not identify with this film.
I blame Walt Disney for anthropomorphizing animals in movies, (giving them) the thinking and emotions of people," Calderwood said.
The doctrine smacks of both metaphysics and anthropomorphizing, which he elsewhere derides.