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ascribe human features to something

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By noting the sacred nature of the Bharathapuzha, and by using anthropomorphizing terms like "mother," "life blood" and fears of its all but certain "death," Prabhakaran reveals that this is not simply a "river.
The underlying emotional appeal of dolphins that inherently leads to the risk of anthropomorphizing, is, for the most part, carefully avoided
From the sometimes cute (a pint-sized marmalade kitten peaking out of the pocket of a man's bathrobe) to the outright upsetting (a gutted, bloody whale whose organs are being turned into fishmeal at The Whale Factory), the photos are carefully arranged in a captivating, coffeetable book style, but also tell the story of the immoral, barbaric qualities of humans while often anthropomorphizing the righteous nature of animals.
This well-written story with limited anthropomorphizing has an afterword containing more information on grizzly bears and a statement about the grizzly bear on which the story was based.
He also presents Arden and Beau as developed characters without overly anthropomorphizing them.
This feature also contributed to the anthropomorphizing of the forms and further evoked Christian iconography: Before being cast, woven material was inserted into the animals' necks, and this protruded in a way that recalls the seductive folds of drapery that adorn canonical Pieta statues.
White was big on keeping the animals behaving like animals and not anthropomorphizing them into a barnyard of Disney creations, and director Gary Winick honors that notion, maintaining Charlotte the spider's balance of warmth and weirdness.
This calls for some anthropomorphizing on his part, but his examples of birds that have "played along" with him and imitated and then incorporated his flute's notes into their songs seem to make a case for his theory.
Have you ever been cautioned against anthropomorphizing the behavior of your pets?