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Synonyms for anthropomorphize

ascribe human features to something

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For Berger, the pet owner anthropomorphizes his or her pet by radically changing the material conditions of the animal.
Appearing at once flimsy and rigid, the metal is lodged in a concrete brick that anthropomorphizes the construction into a gawky, skinnier-than-Giacomettiesque figure with a ridiculous clubfoot.
Just as she existentially anthropomorphizes the mouse and empathizes with its maternal responsibilities, she ruminates on the question of the commonalties and differences between a dead chicken and a dead man, thus investing a sort of shared humanity between the two: "And yet the chicken was a sort of person, a respectable individual, with its own kind of dignity.
She sometimes anthropomorphizes so that the reader becomes a butterfly, and at other times looks at butterflies through the eyes of a 19th-century collector or a 21st-century scientist.
The latest in the educational "Alphabetland" series designed to teach young people about phonics through storytelling that anthropomorphizes the letters of the English alphabet, Alphabetland: The Story of Y tells how the curious consonant "Y" came to be at the center of a destructive conflict between the consonants and the vowels.