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Synonyms for anthropomorphize

ascribe human features to something

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It is also that he anthropomorphizes agency by precluding the non-human animal from acting on the human subject as this subject constitutes itself.
Just as she existentially anthropomorphizes the mouse and empathizes with its maternal responsibilities, she ruminates on the question of the commonalties and differences between a dead chicken and a dead man, thus investing a sort of shared humanity between the two: "And yet the chicken was a sort of person, a respectable individual, with its own kind of dignity.
She sometimes anthropomorphizes so that the reader becomes a butterfly, and at other times looks at butterflies through the eyes of a 19th-century collector or a 21st-century scientist.
She persistently anthropomorphizes creatures or talks as if people and animals were interchangeable ethically.
The latest in the educational "Alphabetland" series designed to teach young people about phonics through storytelling that anthropomorphizes the letters of the English alphabet, Alphabetland: The Story of Y tells how the curious consonant "Y" came to be at the center of a destructive conflict between the consonants and the vowels.