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ascribe human features to something

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But this is really the end of evolution as we know it and the beginning of what Judith Roof calls in The Poetics of dna the anthropomorphization of the gene: "Ideas of agency attributed to anthropomorphized genes substitute will or desire for probability.
objects are pressed into service, anthropomorphized,
The next monumental construct in the artist's weather/nature series will be a multi-story anthropomorphized flower, titled "Vernal Equinox," anticipated to sprout at this site on or about the first day of spring, 2012.
Pic's most adventuresome leap is the use of impressive, even poignant animated sequences in which anthropomorphized rats experience the highs and eventually fatal lows of substance addiction.
35 Newbury Foghorn Leghorn is a large, anthropomorphized adult rooster with a strong Virginia/Kentucky accent, and a penchant for mischief who appeared in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons produced by Warner Bros.
Collaborating with designer Goran Lelas and the M useum of Modern Alt, the toy company unveils six eovetable characters (ranging from a pig to a fish that closely resembles a submarine), all beautiful and all intended to be messed with, featuring mix-arid -match options akin to everyone's favorite anthropomorphized tuber, Mr.
combines research from her travels to places such as the caves of Dordogne to the inland country of Baie de Ha Ha in Quebec to examine why humans need to recognize their relationship with places, looking at themes of wildness, home, and ruins and how relationships with the nonhuman world are anthropomorphized.
The runners, a mixture of anthropomorphized birds and felines, are shown holding bags in their hands as they sprint up the vessel from left to right.
There is the predominant evocation of the natural world, often anthropomorphized yet acutely observed from a startling perspective, as in "flocks of small birds like newly discovered opinions" or "ferns like jagged rows of decaying teeth.
When a grain merchant goes missing, the anthropomorphized members of the Mouse Guard--Lieam, Saxon, and Kenzie--are asked to conduct a search for him.
OK, so "Surf's Up" is yet another movie with anthropomorphized penguins.
The strip -- whose name spoofs the "MySpace" social-networking site's name -- focuses on a group of mostly 20-something and 30-something anthropomorphized animals.
AndersonStory by: John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, Jorgen KlubienHaving fallen in love with a bunch of computer-animated, anthropomorphized vehicles which express emotion with eyes made from windshields and smiles from metallic front grills, I do believe the exemplary Pixar team, who made the beguiling comedy adventure Cars could draw a mote of dust and a pair of socks and turn them into characters worth caring about.
Based on a true story, this sweet and exciting animal yarn is full of real characters, not anthropomorphized ones, who interact and care about one another.
Anthropomorphized dinosaurs host each program in this series for elementary students, with instruction options in English or Spanish.