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ascribe human features to something

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By downplaying the power of extrahuman contextual factors over the human, the molecular gaze can be said to anthropomorphize agency.
We show that participants with low power were more likely to anthropomorphize the slot machine after losing the game, whereas those with high power were more likely to anthropomorphize after winning the game," the authors conclude.
Al Dekin, senior vice president of sales at Quiet Logistics, said he hates to anthropomorphize technology, but .
Psychology researcher Adam Waytz of Harvard University, insists that people anthropomorphize, the act of attributing human traits to non-humans, to feel connected to environment.
So the whole challenge was, how much to anthropomorphize for the audience to let them know what Kong is thinking, and how truthful to keep him to gorilla behavior and allow the audience to project their feelings.
The related tendency to anthropomorphize, or assign human characteristics to nonhuman things or events, often accompanies animism, he adds.
Although we like to anthropomorphize, we do not assign human qualities to each and every single object we encounter.
While addressing the market's role in deciding which objects will be preserved and which won't, Provenance also makes an effort to anthropomorphize its subject (particularly during the moments when a chair "models" for its photographer).
From the beginning of her life as an egg, to her constant struggle to evade predators, the discovery of her first shell, the need to find larger shells as she grows bigger, to her eventual motherhood, Hermit Crab's Home stays faithful to nature in both story and illustration, eschewing the impulse to overly anthropomorphize wild creatures.
In fact, humans tend to anthropomorphize Mailmobile.