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ascribe human features to something

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While there are certainly differences over these periods, Schelling often repeats the same critiques of Fichte and Spinoza, as well as his anthropomorphization of nature.
On the deification and anthropomorphization of the animal cycle in archeological findings, see, for example, Luo Feng, Guyuan nanjiao Sui-Tang mudi (Beijing: Wenwu chubanshe, 1996), 26-27; Zhang Lihua, "Shi'er shengxiao de qiyuan ji muzang zhong de shi'er shengxiao yong," Sichuan wenwu 2005.
10) The anthropomorphization of the city presents an odd blending of two of the key characteristics of Central American vanguardista production: cosmopolitanism and an inversion of the more usual psychozoomorphism.
The anthropomorphization of the plant is at the basis of the empathy in these songs, as it posits a relationship between living persons, and not only between humans and a plant.
Here, no anthropomorphization is required to detect the defiance.
But a bird is not a poet, and that alienation from "the open" is more adequate to a description of the human predicament and not the bird's, whose anthropomorphization Oppen immediately corrects, curiously echoing Heidegger in his reading of Parmenides: "Never would it be possible for a stone, no more than for an airplane, to elevate itself toward the sun in jubilation and to move like a lark, which nevertheless does not see the open.
Danta's critique targets a philosophical act he terms "the anthropomorphization of agency," whereby the human capacity for self-determination becomes coterminous with the human.
Even while critiquing her "exploitative" use of Madame Beetle, for example, Neaera persists in calling the animal by name, an anthropomorphization that repeats the very effacement of alterity that Neaera is striving to overcome.
81, 85 (2001) (dismissing one reading of the Court's solicitude for dignity as "silly" because "states have no feelings of dignity to be protected; the Court's apparent anthropomorphization of states [would] simply reflect[] a category mistake" and rejecting more sophisticated versions of the dignitarian argument as implausible).
For instance, Koda and Maes (1996) find differences in the amount of anthropomorphization depending on the amount of human characteristics of the robot.
In sum, we are not only learning to replace internal human parts but also increasingly learning how to externalize and replicate these parts that will result over time in the anthropomorphization of non-flesh and blood beings.
The drama over the invisibility, then exposure, of her face suggests that her face is also the screen that supports the necessary and inevitable anthropomorphization of the inhuman.
26) It may seem an unwonted anthropomorphization to speak of rites as 'remembering'; one might expect me to say rather that they cause the participants to remember.
Such narratives are usually aimed at children, and for good reason--the anthropomorphization of animals usually alienates adult readers already struggling to suspend disbelief.
Impact: If fundamentalists' find anthropomorphization unacceptable in trade literature, (53) it seems hypocritical to accept it in McGuffey's.