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Synonyms for anthropomorphism

the representation of objects (especially a god) as having human form or traits

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Gordon Burghardt (1991) coined the term "critical anthropomorphism" to distinguish the inevitable ("naive") anthropomorphic impulses that human beings uncritically bring to other species, from a sophisticated (critical) anthropomorphism that uses the assumption that animals have private experiences as an "heuristic method to formulate research agendas that result in publicly verifiable data that move our understanding of behavior forward.
As advertising techniques go, it is exceeded in popularity only by anthropomorphism, i.
More serious scientists frown on anthropomorphism, but it's almost impossible not to attribute human characteristics to such familiar actions.
The songs on your self-titled album sound fun and bouncy as hell, as is your live show, but the lyrics are often paranoid, full of desperation and cold anthropomorphism.
What a selection for small children: Playbox, Tiger Tim and Rainbow, Butterfly and Bubbles, anthropomorphism running amok asschoolcapped tigers and hippos worked away under the eye of Schoolteacher Dame Bear.
Whether conceived crudely or through endlessly convoluted metaphysics, a sense of cosmic purpose ties together everything from commonsense anthropomorphism to the need for some solace in the face of the imperfections of this world.
Poets seldom venture into anthropomorphism any more, because it is hard to do well.
Chief among these is his reference to, and reliance on, a biological or neurological theory of the ineluctable anthropomorphism of human perception.
This romanticism not only overlaps into the "politically correct" but also into sentimentalism and anthropomorphism.
The final exam I gave my students at the close of the fall semester asked for the definition of pathetic fallacy, which is John Ruskin's synonym for anthropomorphism.
Finally, the reader reaches the Trinitarian miniatures which gradually dispense with anthropomorphism in favour of ever-changing configurations of clouds, suns and veils.
Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics (including the projection of subjective states and feelings) to non-human entities.
argues, is that we too readily think of acting or of being acted upon from our own narrow anthropomorphism and read God's actions in the same light.
Surpassing even the sculptures' anthropomorphism, Bass's paintings stare back, often literally, in the form of smirking faces, here making good on the exhibition's titular promise of a kind of lurking presence.