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Synonyms for anthropomorphic

Synonyms for anthropomorphic

suggesting human characteristics for animals or inanimate things

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create an anthropomorphic portrait in clay using a variety of hand-building techniques.
the anthropomorphic device may interpret the voice command and map it to a
London's Chinatown was taken over by Chinese dragons, anthropomorphic pandas and an army of gaming fans for the launch of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.
The reporter was stunned, and after a silence of several seconds that must have seemed endless to the radio audience, his line of questioning noticeably shifted from a state-centric, anthropomorphic discourse focused on the national humiliation of bowing to IMF directives, to one focused on the tangible consequences of different policy alternatives for the citizens of Argentina.
There are 26 humeral head sizing options available, which are based on published anthropomorphic data of over 300 human humeri to provide anatomic fit.
30pm) EVER since CM Coolidge first painted dogs playing poker, people have been captivated by the idea of anthropomorphic creatures.
Told with anthropomorphic zest, little zebra gets up early and goes into the kitchen to make breakfast in bed.
There are also two sets of borders, some of which are illuminated in colour with gold and some large coloured anthropomorphic initials.
The untethered, hydraulic powered anthropomorphic exoskeleton permits deep squats, crawling and impressive upper body lifting.
The forearm extremity point C is the characteristic point of the anthropomorphic TGM.
Therefore, instead of trying to overcome anthropomorphism by reinvigorating realism, humans should learn how to interact responsibly with others and the world given the inevitability of the anthropomorphic.
Such motifs include circles--which suggest the potter's wheel as well as an array of symbolic or cultural references--the shape of ceramic vessels, which may have either anthropomorphic or functional metapohors; rhomboids or other geometrics, which are more obviously invented abstract shapes; allusions to architecture, the forms based on keystones, the nomenclature being vossoirs.
Researchers hope to learn why there has been a decline in overall reproduction in the population, and the natural and anthropomorphic causes of stress that can reduce survival rates of this endangered species.
We didn't want to go too human, because that's too anthropomorphic, and it gets into the realm of cartoony,'' McIntosh explains.
The anthropomorphic characters grow and change as they move the plot along; nevertheless, the animal nature of these birds comes through in their actions, some of which do not follow human nature.