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Synonyms for anthropomorphic

Synonyms for anthropomorphic

suggesting human characteristics for animals or inanimate things

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This paper presents general and effective algorithm for modelling and simulation of an anthropomorphic arm using Simulink.
The full title was "Images of God; an introduction to the use of anthropomorphic language in the Christian Tradition.
On the one hand there is the anthropomorphic where we see an image of old Hu-Hu surfing in the waves, hints of experiencing the transcendent and the possibility of reincarnation; on the other hand we bring our knowledge of the Hu-Hu grub and the idea of metamorphosis and seek to see how the story gives voice to this process.
He is also one of the inventors for anthropomorphic mechanisms and biped locomotion.
A heartwarming anthropomorphic novel in the spirit of Watership Down and The Secret of NIMH.
Hausswolff often works with electronic sound, and here he employs it unostentatiously, displaying an acute awareness of the ability of white noise to take on physical, sometimes even anthropomorphic, qualities.
Without turning the movie into a Disney-fied anthropomorphic cartoon, ``March'' shows the romantic rapture that exists - however briefly - between the penguins once they mate.
In this abstract but anthropomorphic image of nature, without painting a single human face, Smith captures centuries of sorrow.
Under the title 'Cults and Culture', another floor is devoted to religious architecture from Rudolf Steiner's anthropomorphic Goetheanum to Walter M.
We're anthropomorphic when we look at color because it's so difficult to tell what those animals perceive," he says.
To support its expanded testing capability, Johnson Controls has added a team of eight anthropomorphic (human-like) test dummies.
While some pieces are schematic and abstracted, others are anthropomorphic and even wildly voluptuous.
Award-winning authors Miriam Kronish & Jeryl Abelmann present Quickly's Magical Pancake Adventure, a colorful children's picturebook about Quickly the anthropomorphic spatula, who loves to make pancakes.
Masculinity in children's animal stories, 1888-1928; a critical study of anthropomorphic tales by Wilde, Kipling, Potter, Grahame and Milne.
It's a world of anthropomorphic animals, deftly drawn to bridge the animal/human divide.