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measurement and study of the human body and its parts and capacities

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After the tomato-based intervention, significant effects on adipokine concentrations were observed despite no significant changes in anthropometry measures.
For anthropometry data collection, 62 body dimensions were measured from 1216 Malaysian respondents.
Perceived association between alcohol consumption, dietary intake and anthropometry has been the subject of some controlled studies [7, 25].
Even though tools used in manual anthropometry distort the soft tissue and introduce error in measurements, manual anthropometry is still a commonly used technique because of its simplicity and because it is more economical [5].
The underlying principle of this technique is the notion that inertial parameters of a given segment should correlate better with the anthropometry of that segment rather than global measures such as body weight.
A set of keywords and subject headings were used for the initial search, including: Anthropometry, anthropometric measurement, body height, weight, body mass index, growth and growth curve, combined with the terms children/child and Canada.
The course will define ergonomics and its three components--work physiology, anthropometry and musculoskeletal disorders--and common risk factors such as vibration and temperature.
The efforts extend from the Civil War, when teams of researchers were sent to Union Army camps to gather information from thousands of Soldiers on anthropometry, lifting strength, pulmonary function, and other physiological factors.
Physical abilities, including anthropometry (the measure of bodies, such as heights or the size of hands), biomechanics (what can be accomplished physically, e.
The topics include color coding and affect, presentation formats and layout, physical ergonomics and anthropometry, weaving culture into the product development process, gaining user acceptance in specific cultures, and heuristic and guidelines-based evaluation in cross-cultural design.
Relationships between anthropometry, cardiorespiratory fitness indices and physical activity levels in different age and sex groups in rural Senegal (West Africa).
Information on anthropometry using measured body weight and height was obtained.
Child anthropometry was measured monthly in the first year and quarterly in the second.
At first, the cases got the required instruction; then anthropometry was completed and the drivers filled in the BDC (2), as instructed.
Table 1 shows the effect of vitamin C and vitamin E on anthropometry parameters and biochemical parameters of post menopausal women having diabetes.