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of or relating to anthropometry

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18] In most of these studies NV and V are not anthropometrically matched, that is most studies compared a self-selected vegetarian group with standard population references.
1984) FASTSCAN--A Computerized, Anthropometrically Designed, High Throughput, Whole Body Counter for the Nuclear Industry.
All adolescents were anthropometrically assessed by using appropriate scales.
Anthropometrically estimated total body water volumes are larger than modeled urea volume in chronic hemodialysis patients: Effects of age, race, and gender.
Habituation-Sensitization of Cardiovascular Reactivity to Repeated Stress in Smokers and Non-Smokers: An Anthropometrically Matched Trial.
Fastscan: A Computerized, Anthropometrically Designed, High Throughput, Whole Body Counter for the Nuclear Industry.
Therefore, anthropometrically smaller individuals with ectomorphic body types are at higher risk of injury.
They are widely used in the clinical practice by diverse healthcare professionals to monitor the child individually and also as a tool in public healthcare, to summarize and compare anthropometrically groups of children.
The subjects were both medically and anthropometrically examined.
A recommendation for future studies is to assess children anthropometrically either before or after puberty but not in the middle.
It consists of several anthropometrically shaped and segmented thermoinsulative chambers interconnected with a mesh structure placed between the outer, top fabric and the lining constructed so that the chambers change their thickness and thermal insulation properties in proportion to the amount of inflated air.
The vest has been anthropometrically designed to provide unobtrusive movement in different positions common for a soldier to take a stance in, during and in combat situations, it is compatibility with NBC gear and host of other equipment and devices.
Although we collected data on the distance between the first sacral tubercle and the vertebra prominens, to permit subsequent transformation and thus normalization of the data anthropometrically, we ultimately decided it was not necessary to do so.