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of or relating to anthropometry

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Chellappa NB, 2003, Construction of norms for soccer goal keepers on selected skill, Physical Psychological and Anthropometrical Variables, Journal of Physical Education and Sports, Vol.
The subjects' anthropometrical characteristics, body composition, and vertical jump data are shown in Table 1.
Using anthropometrical data, the individual vertebrae and finally the entire column was modeled as a standard.
Knowing the right and left liver size with respect to anthropometrical measurements also assist a clinician in selecting a subject for liver transplantation.
In addition, direct anthropometrical analyses of changes in fat mass and lean muscle mass ratios after using WBV therapy as a training modality need to be addressed.
The anthropological methods can be divided into two groups: the anthropometrical and the somatoscopical.
Demographic and anthropometrical analysis and genotype distribution of chronic hepatitis C patients treated in public and private reference centers in Brazil.
Conducting anthropometrical studies with the aim of obtaining the characteristics of ethnical groups inhabiting a particular geographical region, not only assist in understanding the frequency distribution of human morphologies but also in providing the basis for a comparition among different races (Heidari et al.
Al1 participants completed a general health questionnaire and anthropometrical measures such as body weight, height, percent body fat and waist measurement were taken.
Physiological and anthropometrical comparisons of Negroes and Whites.
A breakdown of macronutrient and fluid intake (Table 1), and anthropometrical data (Figure 2) across the 26 marathons are shown.
Prediction model of a maximal epetition (1RM) based on male and female anthropometrical characteristics.
Anthropometrical examinations for height, weight, and WC were carried out for both coronary artery disease cases and healthy women.
A structured, self-administered and pretested questionnaire was used to collect information about the respondent's demographic profile, family history of hypertension and diabetes, the measurement of blood pressure and anthropometrical parameters and anemia.
Clinical, anthropometrical and laboratory data were recorded at the start of the study and after one years of HAART.