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of or relating to anthropometry

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The reason is differences in anthropometric built of people in different geographical regions across the country.
KEY WORDS: Anthropometric Parameters; Diabetes Mellitus; Height; Weight; Skinfold Thickness
Can Van Luc, director of training with the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, said that the Government needs to build a customer authentication infrastructure based on anthropometric data to support payment service providers in verifying customers' information.
The guidelines provide step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a field nutritional survey including collection of anthropometric data and data analysis using either WHO Anthro software vs.
The present study was designed as hospital-based descriptive comparative study to assess the role of various anthropometric risk factors in the occurrence of coronary artery disease.
But nowadays, methods for obtaining anthropometric body data have become more practical, contactless, fast, and, above all, accurate since the introduction and application of 3D body scanners (Simmons & Istook, 2003; Simenko & Cuk, 2016).
14,15) However, the predictive value of anthropometric measurements to estimate body fat using specific equations requires further investigation.
Context also includes anthropometric characteristics.
Also, the tests that are required at this date, without a centralized and well-prepared training basis, are not relevant and can not be correlated with the subjects' anthropometric or physiological parameters.
In everyday practice, the most frequently used methods are anthropometric measurements and bioelectrical impedance method.
Effects of the Practice of Self-Selected and Programmed Physical Activity on Anthropometric and Biochemical Components.
Introduction: Our aim was to determine folate and vitamin B12 levels at the end of pregnancy of mothers with high socioeconomic and educational background to investigate whether there is a correlation between folate and vitamin B12 levels and anthropometric measurements and metabolic indicators in newborns.
ABSTRACT: This study was aimed to compare the anthropometric characteristics of the Pakistani and Malaysian under-19 male cricket players.