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of or relating to anthropometry

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Participants: Before the initiation of the study, the patients underwent the physical examination focused on anthropometric indices (weight, BMI, waist and hip circumferences and hirsutism).
Anthropometric measurements (height, weight, and circumference of waist and hip) were measured at baseline and after 6- and 12- weeks of mango supplementation.
The study is all the more important for its finding that the anthropometric measures like body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC) were only modest in predicting biochemical risk factors in this population.
Percentage body fat was calculated using the anthropometric formula according to Ball et al (16).
The positions of other anthropometric points can be computed from informations about workplace and the parameters summarized in paragraph called as "The unknown points".
The book's 14 chapters are arranged in sections on traditional anthropometry, internal and external body shape, posture and functional assessment, and anthropometric test device (crash dummy) development.
Primary data were collected using a questionnaire for information about nutritional habits of the respondents and anthropometric measurements for Body Mass Index to assess the nutritional status of the adolescents in the study area.
As a matter of fact, we're right now in the middle of planning for the execution of a major anthropometric survey.
Namely: Chapter 4, Anthropometric Assessment; Chapter 5, Muscle Length Assessment; Chapter 6, Fundamental Movement Testing; Chapter 7, Balance Testing; Chapter 8, Aerobic Testing; Chapter 9, Strength and Power Testing; Chapter 10, Speed, Agility, and Quickness Testing; Testing procedures and protocols for regional physical parameters are presented in Part III.
The questionnaires were thus completed on one day and the anthropometric and biochemical measurements on the same day a week later.
Anthropometric data are widely used to measure general health in children.
Association of maternal height with child mortality, anthropometric failure and anemia in India, Journal of the American Medical Association, 2009, 301 (16):1691-170l.
Although there are data available from some African countries (1) indicating that HAART may result in changes in body composition and other anthropometric measures, no such figures for South African adults have been published in the peer-reviewed literature.
Part of the funds are for Anthropometric Equipment for the Nutrition Unit.
We reexamined anthropometric data of children in Uganda with persistent diarrhea (6) and used regression analysis to determine whether there is an association between microsporidiosis and reduced growth rates.