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of or relating to anthropometry

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Factors associated with the combined presence of elevated anthropometric indices among children.
The author proposed its subsequent use as an anthropometric parameter, since the APM is the only muscle that allows appropriate assessment of its thickness because it is well-defined, flat and located between two skeletal structures and, particularly, because of its reproducibility.
Conclusion: There is a positive correlation between skeletal muscle function as depicted by hand grip strength and PEFR with anthropometric measurements of upper arm such as mean arm circumference and upper arm length in healthy adults recruited in the study.
Hospital-based anthropometric surveys are a convenient way to monitor changing patterns (but not prevalence) of malnutrition in the community.
The questionnaire included questions about the impact of sports talent recruit in the novice sport people in swimming, track and field as well as questions on anthropometric, physiological, physical fitness, biomechanical and psychological factors.
An appropriate use of anthropometric data in designing equipment, workstations, and vehicle design may improve human well-being, health, comfort and safety (Pheasant, 1998).
Subjects were divided into four groups based on facial form by the concurrence of two experienced prosthodontists, and facial measurements were recorded using anthropometric points of the face.
The reason is differences in anthropometric built of people in different geographical regions across the country.
Strong correlations between HGS various anthropometric traits were reported.
Can Van Luc, director of training with the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, said that the Government needs to build a customer authentication infrastructure based on anthropometric data to support payment service providers in verifying customers' information.
The guidelines provide step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a field nutritional survey including collection of anthropometric data and data analysis using either WHO Anthro software vs.
The present study was designed as hospital-based descriptive comparative study to assess the role of various anthropometric risk factors in the occurrence of coronary artery disease.
2]max is considered a strong health indicator for being associated to both total and central adiposity and to identify the magnitude of the relationship between each anthropometric indicator and [VO.
For cycling as an edurance sport, a variety of different anthropometric characteristics, training characteristics, and physiological variables have been identified as important predictors for race performance (Knechtle, 2014).
Context is a broad concept and includes difficult-to-quantify factors, such as gender roles, cultural values, household decisionmaking processes, and anthropometric characteristics, among others.