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Ellen Lewin: Gay and lesbian anthropology grows directly out of a critical tradition in the discipline that has brought to the foreground questions of equality and justice, interrogated the historical complicity of anthropology with colonialism, and demanded accountability to the people it studies.
Because of its long tradition of research among non-Western populations, as well as its qualitative research strategy of ethnography, the discipline of anthropology has been seen by many as a means to investigate local reproductive norms and problems, as well as to implement a gendered perspective that does not assume universal meanings of masculine and feminine.
The presentation of debates between ethnology and anthropology or Eastern European and Western European styles of anthropology will not be exhaustive, since a rich production on these topics is becoming more and more insuperable.
Chapter 8 ("Historicism and Human Diversity") examines the rise of historicism regarding natural science (Kuhn), the human sciences (Foucault), and cultural anthropology (Ruth Benedict and Clifford Geertz).
In the past decade Enlightenment anthropology has continued to stimulate scholars: within English and comparative literary studies, one should highlight in particular Simon Swift's Romanticism, Literature and Philosophy: Expressive Rationality in Rousseau, Kant, Wollstonecraft and Contemporary Theory (2006) and Maureen McLane's Romanticism and the Human Sciences: Poetry, Population, and the Discourse of the Species (2006), as well as David L.
While anthropology embraced postmodernity, missiology embraced anthropology as it had been.
Culture' is primary among the 'legacy categories' (xii) of anthropology that Fischer attempts to redefine.
He studies the debate between the two main camps of libertarianism and compatibilism; each argument's weaknesses and strengths need to be realized before moving on to constructing a more meaningful theological anthropology.
Malik, Head of Anthropology, Delhi University, and he'll tell you why.
Curing and healing; medical anthropology in global perspective, 2d ed.
methodological net cast by American anthropology came the
Terri Ann Liller, Department of Anthropology, Wayne State University
This article moves beyond describing the exclusionary mechanisms within anthropology that have created an unfriendly atmosphere for Christians, and will instead explore the dynamics that have led to current misunderstandings.
As a graduate student tutor and Writing Center liaison to the Department of Anthropology at the University of Connecticut, I assist students with their anthropology papers.
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