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Founded by corporate anthropologist and former FORTUNE 100 executive Rachel Bondi in 2005, it offers expert advice and professional consulting services to companies and individuals.
The anthropologist who is called as an expert witness need not have conducted original research with the people who are lodging a claim or making a heritage case or whatever.
If the new findings hold up, "a female's proven ability to mother infants must be a very important factor for chimpanzee males seeking mates" remarks anthropologist William C.
Zora Neale Hurston, anthropologist, novelist and playwright, wrote about Jamaican and Haitian culture of African origin in her Tell My Horse: Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica (Perennial, reissued January 1994) and about similar phenomena among U.
These remains are an absolutely priceless piece of the human record," says David Murray, an anthropologist at the Statistical Assessment Service in Washington, D.
My thesis is that Sterling Brown was a postmodern ethnographer who by the 1940s had pioneered solutions to three major problems with which today's cultural anthropologists are grappling: (1) what form ethnographic writing should take, (2) what methodology can result in competent ethnographies of non-hegemonic, oral-based cultures, and (3) what ways the authority of native informants can be acknowledged in ethnographies.
Twenty-five years after Alvin Toffler coined the term "Prosumer" in his book The Third Wave, Consumer Anthropologist Robbie Blinkoff says the Prosumer is officially here to stay and that this holiday season is their coming of age.
What's more, Flo displays skull and limb abnormalities that resulted from a still-enigmatic, genetic growth disorder, say anthropologist Teuku Jacob of Gadjah Mada University Faculty of Medicine in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and his coworkers.
Anthropologist van Beek has been collecting data about the daily and ceremonial lives of Dogon for 25 years.
The man, who never revealed his real name - ``Ishi'' means ``man'' in his Yahi dialect - was cared for by anthropologists Thomas Waterman and Alfred Kroeber, whose wife wrote the book after Kroeber's death.
Both Janie Crawford of the novel and the I of Hurston the real-world anthropologist "radically envision the self as central" (Christian 175).
The Menchu interviews were conducted in 1982 by Venezuelan anthropologist and psychologist Elizabeth Burgos, who has also deposited other major collections in the Hoover Archives.
afarensis "was unlikely to have been restricted to walking on two feet," remarks anthropologist Bernard Wood of George Washington University in Washington, D.
COMPTON - An anthropologist joined the autopsy team attempting to learn the identity of a woman whose remains were found in Compton after a dog was seen carrying an arm in its mouth, a Los Angeles County Coroner's Office spokesman said Sunday.
It is at once apparent that what is easy for the modern anthropologist and not even too difficult for the traveler or the casual watcher of a film is, for historians, hard indeed.
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