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Dangerous Liaisons: Anthropologists and the National Security State
At this meeting Western Australian anthropologist Michael Robinson presented scoping research on four possible models for an incorporated national representative body for applied anthropologists.
Having said that, this documentary is about anthropologists and their interactions with people of the Yanomami tribe in the Amazon Basin.
First, apply the description "Christian anthropologist" to those anthropologists who work at Christian institutions.
In fact, were it not for the field research of Wissler and many of his contemporaries, including Kroeber, Lowie, Mooney and a host of other anthropologists, we would know far less today about Plains Indian peoples and their rich material culture.
If the new findings hold up, "a female's proven ability to mother infants must be a very important factor for chimpanzee males seeking mates" remarks anthropologist William C.
Anthropologists who study human cultures had thought that dentistry originated roughly 5,000 years ago.
Her unpublished memoir Minefields documents her return from fieldwork in the Caribbean as an anthropologist and her reinsertion into the performance scenes in Chicago and New York during the 1930s and 1940s.
For Fort Lewis College anthropologist Kathleen Fine-Dare, author of Grave Injustice: The American Indian Repatriation Movement and NAGPRA, "This was more than a law; it was a change in the American consciousness.
As an anthropologist, I am focusing my energy and strength to opening people's eyes to Africa and its riches.
The loss of his anthropologist father three years ago devastated 17-year-old Percy, who is about to graduate from high school in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
I believe that any anthropologist who knowingly works for a US intelligence agency such as the FBI or CIA and uses his or her position or fieldwork as a cover for covert actions should be sanctioned by the AAA.
Anchored out on Virginia's Chesapeake Bay, there is only the soothing sound of waves breaking softly against the sailboat's hull and the cool caress of the breeze, says longtime sailor and anthropologist Dr.
Called only Senor Robinson in the novel, in life he is an anthropologist masquerading as a minister.
Accurate comparison requires the combined efforts of a skilled forensic artist and an experienced forensic anthropologist.
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