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Larsen argues that Tylor "could not find a way to think anthropologically and as a Christian at the same time" (20), so one of them had to go.
Philosophically, anthropologically, metaphysically, and historically rich, Schuon's thinking may arouse some contention these days, yet his devotion to all that is best in human character cannot be denied.
Arts and science communities never really felt confined to the concept of anthropologically defined locations, embodied by the nation-states that emerged in the early 19th century (1).
In an attempt to trace a direct connection between British colonial, anthropologically inspired interest in ethnic classification and modern-day political manipulation of ethnicity as overt, gratuitous entitlement, the book overlooks the strenuous efforts of the post-war British administration to secure equal rights for Malayan citizens of immigrant heritage as part of the terms of the handover to independence--an attempt roundly quashed by Malay nationalists of the day.
Marotti closely examines a number of Marian verses that extend through the reigns of Queen Elizabeth, King James I, and King Charles I to claim that: "Through the Elizabethan period and beyond, during England's slow religious transition from Catholicism to Protestantism the figure of Mary could be invoked by Catholic recusants and religious conservatives to proclaim religious resistance to what was officially being imposed on the country and what was anthropologically changing on a grassroots level.
This does not, by itself, mean they are, or are not, anthropologically good to think with.
This collection anthropologically analyzes aspects of the virtual world of Second Life during the years 2010-2013, a period marked by economic decline in the virtual world, but ongoing projects of art, culture, and education.
For instance, Chung assumes that global economics is a zero-sum system; that any manifestation associated with the Christian religion in history can be taken to be essentially Christian; and that, anthropologically speaking, humans are inherently good and thus injustice in the world is due primarily to systematic flaws rather than human sin.
Anthropologically speaking, they are very close; they are neighbors.
Anthropologically layered, Mussarat's Sukkur has a complexity which demands all the senses to engage with its historical, religious and cultural traces.
However, the above mentioned tradition seems to be less characterised by a methodological approach (be it normative or empirical), theoretical-political in nature, and more anthropologically oriented.
As Nakamura explains, the relationship of the modern Cham community to the ancient Champa culture remains both archaeologically and anthropologically complex.
Known as OLittle Tibet,O the region is culturally and anthropologically tied to Tibet.
Harris could have added that the long Israel feature might have featured more than only Jerusalem's Old City, which actually allows a Jewish author to dodge the "politically iffy" aspect by focusing, merely anthropologically, on history and religion.
His work has been accused of being not anthropologically researched enough, too altered by means of editing, staging, and sound-syncing, or too personal to qualify as anything approaching the truth that ethnographic film purports to seek.
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