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i]/h or harmonic mean H, do not change significantly with the age, despite the change of height and other anthropological measures when comparing the age.
He is less than convincing in positioning his project as fundamentally anthropological rather than philosophical, to "demonstrate that anthropology is equipped to advance its own answers to its own questions in its own way, by showing, recursively, how this can be done" (p.
Michael Di Giovine's article reassesses the intra- and inter-disciplinary boundaries in the anthropological study of tourism and pilgrimage.
The anthropological information can inform geneticists when they investigate certain genetic changes that emerge over time.
The publication of a single book and the publicity garnered by Freeman and his work (with which most of his anthropological colleagues disagreed) resulted in the deep questioning of not only Mead, one of the most well-known American anthropologists but also the credibility of her ethnographic work, Coming of Age in Samoa, one of the most famous of all anthropological publications.
These esthetic issues in turn propel the anthropological inquiry (p.
The antecedents of some, but not all of the people of Wales are from a distinct Celtic origin, and these were Caucasian, other peoples of Wales are of Caucasian origin but are not Celtic, others are South Asian, or Chinese and some are Afro-Caribbean in origin, but as Nick Griffin said there are no Black Welsh, in an anthropological sense.
Menlo takes an anthropological approach to every software design project.
Still, Niekerk is able to demonstrate Lichtenberg's habitual engagement with anthropological theories in a series of chapters on Lichtenberg's reactions to his own infirmity, anthropological and ethnological themes in the notebooks, anthropological perspectives on society in the commentaries on Hogarth, and scattered thoughts on Enlightenment philosophy of history.
Several of the examples of social archaeology that are provided in the book illustrate that an anthropological approach to archaeological research and site interpretation is no longer peripheral to mainstream archaeology, as it was when Lourandos was first presenting his constructivist views of archaeology.
In this book, she looks back on her coming of age with a modern-day anthropological perspective.
Gay Life and Culture: A World History (Universe) exhaustingly chronicles same-sex relationships from anthropological to artistic representations with textbook accuracy.
Anthropological consultants work with authors on each book, along with tribal leaders--another factor which makes for a unique presentation assuring historical accuracy based on research and observations from both natives and non-natives.
Skin: A Natural History" is an informed and informative addition to medical school, academic library, and Anthropological Studies collections, as well as a very highly recommended study for non-specialist general readers with an interest in the biology and sociology of skin issues.
Author Gordon Lindsay Campbell (Lecturer in Ancient Classics, National University of Ireland, Maynooth) presents Strange Creatures: Anthropology In Antiquity, a study of ancient ideas of the creation of the world, including the beginnings of life, the origin of species, from "barbarian" cultures and the early Mediterranean world to the anthropological and ethnological thought of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.