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Macintyre's paper on consultancy, anthropology and gender issues in PNG provides a fitting conclusion to the volume, highlighting the ways in which applied anthropological involvement may require us to squarely confront the ethical and other limitations of intellectual positions such as 'moral relativism' (p.
As part of this discussion, we consider recent anthropological research on men and masculinity, much of which falls outside of current conceptualizations of men's reproductive health, but which nonetheless forms part of the matrix of relations influencing men's (and women's) reproductive well-being.
There are many major (and repeated) grammatical errors in Malagasy, which does not lend much credibility to the anthropological conclusions that are presented.
These chapters follow rich discussions of the premises of her study, which emerge out of descriptions and analyses of symbolic economies in both literary and anthropological texts, and then move on to detailed studies of the work of anthropologists Paolo Mantegazza, called "anthropologist of the passions," and of the lesser known Vernon Lee.
The first two--The Evolutionary Context and The Anthropological and Archaeological Context--provide a strong background for understanding the respective roles of parasites, arthropod vectors, vertebrate hosts, and humans in affecting disease outcomes.
Indeed, a major lacuna in the contemporary anthropological understanding of Central Asia is a thoroughgoing social historical comprehension of Russo-Soviet colonization of the region.
Anthropology in the City brings together a leading team of anthropologists to address the complex methodological and theoretical challenges posed by field-research in urban settings, clearly identifying the significance of the anthropological paradigm in urban research and its centrality both to mainstream academic debates and to society more broadly.
Objective: This interdisciplinary research project, relying on mutually complementary historical, anthropological and folklore investigations, will examine continuities and transformations in vernacular religion in the border-zone between Eastern and Western Christianity.
The leaders agreed to jointly visit the anthropological laboratory of the Committee on Missing Persons on a date to be agreed in the near future," UN special representative Lisa Buttenheim said.
of the Aegean, Greece) explores the emergence and trajectory of physical anthropology in Greece from its first integration in the University of Athens by the establishment of the Anthropological Laboratory and Museum in 1886, the later establishment of a chair for physical anthropology there in 1925, to the dissolution during the 1970s of the Greek Anthropological Society, which was founded in 1924.
Written by Samuel Gerald Collins (Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of Cultural Studies, Towson University) All Tomorrow's Cultures: Anthropological Engagements with the Future explores how anthropological knowledge of past and present human culture has been applied to speculate on its future, from the predictions generated by 19th-century anthropological thought to insights garnered in the modern day.
is very strongly recommended for anthropological compendium of facts for elementary school level social studies and world culture curriculum supplemental reading lists.
They also face interpersonal challenges, as researchers vie to locate the anthropological Holy Grail: the fossil that will definitively identify humanity's earliest ancestor.
Losing Our Heads: Beheadings In Literature And Culture tackles a gruesome topic, providing a healthy dose of anthropological, medical, social and literary insight to accounts of beheadings from antiquity to modern times.
The difference, both anthropological and moral, between contraception and recourse to the rhythm of the cycle .