anthropoid ape

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any tailless ape of the families Pongidae and Hylobatidae

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Having a common ancestor with the apes - we are a rather dextrous and clever semi-naked anthropoid ape.
The skull is that of a young anthropoid ape [not the missing link].
Now researchers believe that these three anthropoid apes are the first nonhuman animals to become naturally infected with chicken pox.
That means it's all the fault of us primates, particularly the anthropoid apes.
He then reasoned that humans diverged from the Catarhine stock comprising of humans, anthropoid apes, and Old World monkeys, all having nostrils opening downward and close together and a nonprehensile, often greatly reduced or vestigial tail.
Against this view, McCooey explained in the second article, it was quite probable that the 'Australian ape' existed upon food quite different from that which sustained the anthropoid apes of other countries.
In other words, despite the name and taking into account McCooey's imperfect grasp of zoological categories, the 'Australian ape' was some as yet undiscovered marsupial, an animal both unlike and distinct from the anthropoid apes elsewhere.
A troop of these rare and beautiful East Indian anthropoid apes can be observed at close quarters on the Rain Forest Walk.
The International Primatological Society has called on Japan to take a leading role in protecting large-scale anthropoid apes such as gorillas and chimpanzees feared to be on the verge of extinction, society sources said Thursday.
His 'tailless ape' provided a general portrait of the anthropoid apes of Africa and Asia, which remained unknown to the scientific world until the mid 17th century.