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any tailless ape of the families Pongidae and Hylobatidae

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It is no exaggeration to state that the publication of Intelligenzprufungen an Menschenaffen (Kohler, 1921) was an important milestone in the psychological study of anthropoid apes.
First, his book Intelligenzprufungen an Menschenaffen (1917) (2) detailed his experimental research on intelligence in anthropoid apes, and made him an eminent figure in comparative psychology in those years.
There seems to be an urgent need to establish a research station for anthropomorphic simian observation to which researchers could arrive without much difficulty, with favorable climate conditions for anthropoid apes, a guaranteed supply of the cheapest materials possible, and that allows, if feasible, for the joint study of Asian and African anthropoid apes, so that their mental lives and activities can be compared .
In 1913, he conducted an array of studies, examining several aspects of natural behavior in anthropoid apes, especially gestural language in chimpanzees as a precursor to human language.
Pfungst's conclusion was surprisingly consistent with Thorndike's ideas: anthropoid apes can be considered intelligent considering that they learned faster, formed more complex associations, and retained those associations longer (Pfungst, 1912).
They were simultaneously engaged in studies of insight of anthropoid apes, Koehler [sic] using chimpanzees at the Canary Island Station, the writer observing an orang-utan [sic] at the private laboratory of G.
He then reasoned that humans diverged from the Catarhine stock comprising of humans, anthropoid apes, and Old World monkeys, all having nostrils opening downward and close together and a nonprehensile, often greatly reduced or vestigial tail.
Against this view, McCooey explained in the second article, it was quite probable that the 'Australian ape' existed upon food quite different from that which sustained the anthropoid apes of other countries.
In other words, despite the name and taking into account McCooey's imperfect grasp of zoological categories, the 'Australian ape' was some as yet undiscovered marsupial, an animal both unlike and distinct from the anthropoid apes elsewhere.
A troop of these rare and beautiful East Indian anthropoid apes can be observed at close quarters on the Rain Forest Walk.
The International Primatological Society has called on Japan to take a leading role in protecting large-scale anthropoid apes such as gorillas and chimpanzees feared to be on the verge of extinction, society sources said Thursday.
It urged Japan to take a leading role in this respect since the nation is at the forefront of study on large-scale anthropoid apes, the sources said.
Many hundreds of thousands of years ago, during an epoch, not yet definitely determined, of that period of the earth's history which geologists call the Tertiary period, most likely toward the end of it, a specially highly developed of anthropoid apes lived somewhere in the tropical zone--probably on a great continent that has sunk to the bottom of the Indian Ocean.
All anthropoid apes of the present day can stand erect and move about on their feet alone, but only in the case of need and in a very clumsy way.
By this time, though, the anthropoid apes were well known, and a Dutch paleontologist, Marie Eugene Francois Thomas Dubois (1858-1941), believed that primitive human beings would be found where the anthropoid apes now were: in sections of Africa and southeast Asia.