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the evolution or genesis of the human race

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This pregnant insight explains why it's in his descriptions of motion that Anaximander is either unclear, as with the initial [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in his cosmogony, or poetic, as with his punning descriptions of his cosmogony, zoogony, and anthropogony.
Yet a recapitulation of the Biblical Genesis and its anthropogony is by no means assured, as Alquist subsequently addresses nature and life itself:
Castoriadis, Cornelius, 'Aeschylean Anthropogony and Sophoclean Self-Creation as Anthropos' in Agon, Logos, Polis The Greek Achievement and its Aftermath, edited by Johann P.
22) In its present context, the second account complements the first one by offering a different perspective on creation with a different focus: anthropogony instead of cosmogony.
29-30 and related texts and systems', chapters three and four dealing with theogony and cosmogony, chapter five with anthropogony and anthropology, chapters six and seven with soteriology, and chapter eight with eschatology.