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of or relating to the study of the origins and development of human beings

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The amount of anthropogenically disturbed habitat increased substantially from 1968 to 1990 when quarries removed limestone for road material (Janes 1999), the construction of a highway bisected some populations, and community development destroyed habitat and populations (Hermanutz et al.
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), established in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme, specifically states that all United Nations parties should formulate, implement, publish, and update national and regional programs containing measures to mitigate anthropogenically related sources of greenhouse gases (IPCC 1996).
As the result of the powerful intercontinental relations and communications development the anthropogenically induced invasions became global ones and pose a serious environmental problem [2, 3].
This is due to the large diversity of natural and semi-natural habitats as well as different anthropogenically transformed habitats, the presence of which is associated with long-standing development of the city as the industrial and transport centre of eastern Latvia.
For example, intact riparian corridors consisting of wetlands, natural vegetation, or deciduous trees were preferred habitats over anthropogenically modified habitats such as boat slips, steel sheet piling, manicured lawns, or rock rip-rap.
Although some species of birds may benefit from anthropogenically altered landscapes, continued loss and fragmentation of habitats may contribute to increased failure of nests by facilitating predation by snakes and mammals (Winter et al.
Interestingly, ESD does not occur in western LIS, an anthropogenically affected area that experiences high summer temperatures (>25[degrees]C) and environmental contaminants.
This non-migratory species is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands and isolated anthropogenically for 150 years to Laysan Island (USFWS 2004).
Lithic mulch gardens consist of 2-20cm diameter rocks that were anthropogenically worked into the upper soil horizon while veneer surfaces are distributions of rock that were placed on the ground surface.
opimus habitat favors high infestations, the Mazar-e Sharif outbreak is an example of an anthropogenically induced emerging zoonosis.
as by anthropogenically mediated methods, has provided some important
Successful recovery of species at risk at first would seem to have a clear answer: simply reverse the impacts or remove the anthropogenically induced agent(s) and recovery should follow.
Isoprene (ISO), like BD, is also emitted both naturally and anthropogenically into the environment.
Clark MW, McConchie D, Saenger P, Pillsworth M (1997) Hydrological controls on copper, cadmium, lead and zinc concentrations in an anthropogenically polluted mangrove ecosystem, Wynnum, Brisbane.