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of or relating to the study of the origins and development of human beings

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This exceptional warmth was unlikely, although not impossible, to have occurred entirely naturally, and appears to reflect an anthropogenically forced trend.
In this regard, there is a need for selection of alternatives, which would comply with the normalized water consumption regime of irrigation systems and provide a stable social and economic situation in the region and environmental sustainability in the development of anthropogenically cultivated lands (Zhang et al.
2004) highlighted a positive correlation between habitat heterogeneity and animal species diversity in the literature, noting a particular focus on vertebrates in anthropogenically influenced habitats.
In 2006, when a pair of Ospreys was discovered breeding at Fort Wainwright in an easily viewable and accessible location along the Chena River, I took the opportunity to study the breeding biology and behavior of this species in the highly active and anthropogenically dynamic environment of a military installation.
However, it was unclear if the divergence in the current genetic structure of the populations was naturally or anthropogenically induced, with the exception of the Willapa Bay and Coos Bay population.
It has become increasingly important during recent years due to the effect on coastal ecosystems associated with the contaminants produced either naturally or anthropogenically inland.
In anthropogenically disturbed environments, such as the Bacanga River/ MA, average concentration of total phosphorus (438 [micro]g[g.
With the majority of its upstream portion flowing through the undeveloped Pinelands National Reserve, this watershed is considered one of the least anthropogenically disturbed estuaries in the northeastern United States (Good and Good, 1984; Kennish and O'Donnell, 2002).
77) While courts debate legal remedies for the loss of human habitats in polar regions, (78) the existential threat to the polar bear has spurred legal action against the vectors of anthropogenically induced climate change.
At Fort Ogilvie, a number of glacially and anthropogenically eroded surfaces are present.
Changes in severe thunderstorm environment frequency during the 21st century caused by anthropogenically enhanced global radiative forcing.
In Were Alive, worldbuilding translates to the process of actively and consciously constructing the lived environment to accommodate the new reality in which the characters find themselves, not unlike the ways in which climate change activists like Naomi Klein have suggested people will need to intentionally reconfigure societal structures if we are to mitigate the effects of anthropogenically motivated climate change and environmental degradation.