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of or relating to the study of the origins and development of human beings

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These are the central questions of the GermanChinese joint project MEGAPOL (short for Megacitys fingerprint in Chinese marginal seas: Investigation of pollutant fingerprints and dispersal), coordinated by the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemnde (IOW), that provides the framework for the ship expedition SO269-SOCLIS (short for South China Sea natural laboratory under climatic and anthropogenic stress).
"That's probably not going to be true because there's a strong desire to reduce air pollution, which involves reducing anthropogenic aerosol emissions," cautioned Allen.
About 97 per cent of climate scientists share the consensus that anthropogenic global warming and the consequent climate change is real: the consensus isn't proof of human-causedclimate change.
The findings of the study pointed out that the regional deformation in the study area is principally controlled by natural phenomena, such as isostatic adjustment and natural compaction of Holocene sediments (up to eAE8.9 mm/year) depending on the sediment thickness, age, and composition, yet anthropogenic factors can cause added local deformation in the region.
Preliminary gross postmortem examination revealed a wide variety of anthropogenic debris in the ventriculus, including 2 rubber balloons, paper, multiple plastic particles, a thumbtack, and an aluminum soda can tab.
Feral cats were feeding mainly on invasive house mice (Mus musculus), endemic Socorro blue lizards, endemic Socorro Ground dove, insects, scorpions, centipedes, plant materials and anthropogenic refuse (Table 1).
Of course, the mainstream media are AWOL on this issue, since they've been lap dogs for the anthropogenic (human-caused) global-warming consensus chorus for more than two decades.
Our research group previously used output from an ensemble of global chemistry-climate models to estimate 2.1 million premature deaths/ year associated with anthropogenic [PM.sub .2.5] and 470,000 deaths/year associated with ozone (Silva et al.
Though there are a number of anthropogenic causes that have contributed (Manning 1995), increases in energy development have recently led to significant changes (i.e.
Anthropogenic activities, especially burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas have caused significant increase of CO2 in the atmosphere from about 280 to 380 ppm for the last 250 years is one of the main reasons causing global warming.
Despite this attention little is known about summer tree roosts used by little brown bats due to research being primarily focused on anthropogenic roost use (i.e., attics, unoccupied buildings, barns, churches, bat boxes, etc.; Davis and Hitchcock, 1965; Fenton, 1970; Humphrey and Cope, 1976; Schowalter et ai, 1979; Riskin and Pybus, 1998).
I would like to respond to the challenge posed by Ken Mitchell, when he said that the evidence for the anthropogenic causes of climate change is clear and unequivocal, to find a "single peer-reviewed article in a reputable scientific journal which says otherwise" (Letters, PE June).
I here are few topics as politically and ideologically contentious as anthropogenic climate change and the possibility of responding by deploying geoengineering technologies.
As to combating anthropogenic global warming (AKA climate change) how does Ms Peterson explain the fact that, despite a considerable increase in CO2 emissions, there has been no rise in global average temperature for 18 years - showing the prediction models to be as useless as the wind turbines.