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an inclination to evaluate reality exclusively in terms of human values

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This article is composed of three parts, which contain ideas about the anthropocentricity of the studied language material relying on a comparison between the scientific and linguistic images of the world.
The anthropocentricity postulated seems to trickle down to places Nails does not discuss (because she does not need to for her immediate purposes).
That the work is experienced in two separate registers, as sprawling library and intimate performance, compels its viewers to understand that the world is determined neither by the vastness of globalization and its pressures nor by an inward-facing anthropocentricity.
It is probably due to the salience of the two domains (the first one through the egocentricity principle and the second through the anthropocentricity principle--the good/bad dichotomy characterizing human existence) that the greatest number of compound verbs have been retained and are still used.
Thus, litigation anthropocentricity will be preserved.
The failure of anthropocentricity is apparent in an oil-based global economy in which humans consume oil 100,000 times faster than it was created.
In the Finnish context there is evidence supporting the concurrent validity of the ESCQ, as it was positively associated with self-concept dimensions such as energy, anthropocentricity, talent, dominance and extroversion, and negatively associated with anxiety.
However, this anthropocentricity arises because I destabilize pets as simply objects and instead identify them as objects of sentiment; socially constructed entities defined through interaction.
Guillermo Delgado's illuminating insights into the notion of indigeneity sheds further light onto this, "indigeneity is a coming together, or re/membering of a native ethic, it articulates renewed senses of being in society and community, beyond anthropocentricity.