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Synonyms for anthropocentricity

an inclination to evaluate reality exclusively in terms of human values

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In the Finnish context there is evidence supporting the concurrent validity of the ESCQ, as it was positively associated with self-concept dimensions such as energy, anthropocentricity, talent, dominance and extroversion, and negatively associated with anxiety.
Guillermo Delgado's illuminating insights into the notion of indigeneity sheds further light onto this, "indigeneity is a coming together, or re/membering of a native ethic, it articulates renewed senses of being in society and community, beyond anthropocentricity.
Those sympathetic with first-order problematic thinking ought not to be overly eager to embrace the Romantic vision, however, for because of its cloying, tendentious, self-glorifying anthropocentricity, the infinity it praises is a false infinity and the diversity it serves up oft en masks a totalitarianism of the first water.
Hopkins never explicitly argues against the anthropocentricity of Loyola's text, and his emphasis here is on human rather than non-human nature; nevertheless, his examination of human self-being has radical implications for non-human entities, particularly where he breaks down human selfhood into the "throng and stack of being" ("Principium," p.