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an inclination to evaluate reality exclusively in terms of human values

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Today, most people in the United States, including all but the most doctrinaire economists, share the view that there are limits to a strictly anthropocentric framing.
The counterintuitive nature of gravity as a communication vector does not diminish its viability, and is an example of anthropocentric bias in conceptualizing the scale of complex systems.
3, p3) To date, law and ethics have been anthropocentric, that is, humans have considered themselves owners of land and have determined the use of land and its resources from an exclusively human perspective.
The biblical text of Genesis 1:28, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it," has been interpreted to strengthen this androcentric and anthropocentric view.
In addition, the great participation demonstrates the internal unity between the hotel and the employees regarding the anthropocentric philosophy that Creta Maris advocates.
Moreover MAN-MADE promotes the vision of an effective integration of this anthropocentric factory within the social environment toward the implementation of context-aware factories that promotes and take advantage of extended services to the workers in terms of accessibility, inclusiveness, efficiency and work satisfaction.
Primarily set in this virtual world of the massive multiplayer online game called "OASIS - the Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation" - the story describes a future where the energy crisis has peaked, the Great Recession never ended, and the world of 2044 is a grim place to be.
We were surprised to find that even the older children in our study were sensitive to the anthropocentric portrayals of animals in the books and attributed more human characteristics to animals after being exposed to fantastical books than after being exposed to realistic books," she said.
The author argues that Hemingway's text demonstrates the tensions between anthropocentric and ecocentric worldviews through depictions of nature that reflect and rebuff human desire.
Primavesi argues the tradition has undermined respect for biodiversity through an anthropocentric bias and a distorted, imperial view of God.
of Warsaw, Poland) presents an anthropocentric approach to intercultural and interlingual communication and then examines the arenas of corporate communications and global virtual teams before focusing on the method, data, and results of her empirical study.
Nonetheless, I concede that it would be perniciously anthropocentric to become preoccupied with identifying the various meanings the natural world has for us.
Contesting Judith Bryant Wittenberg's claim that Go Down, Moses is "a distinctly anthropocentric novel" (51), in this article I argue that Faulkner's concentration on the imbrications between human and nonhuman subjectivities in Go Down, Moses provides reason to read the novel as a nonanthropocentric, and possibly even an antianthropocentric, work.
This is the antithesis of the indifferent spinning of Duch-amp's bicycle wheel: Gec's tires evoke strongly anthropocentric metaphors, invoking the workers who made or used them, and their halting but persistent motion seems to stand as a tribute or memorial.
An important task in the name of this second cause is, as I will argue, to unravel the ideological structures behind attempts to advance an ecological agenda through the anthropocentric logic of the marketplace.